Sunday, May 25, 2008

Trivial History May 25

Tis a not-so chilly morn today so drag your carcass out from under the mountainous pile of doonas, blankets, dogs, hot water bottles and the odd cat or 3, and see if you can get some blood circulating back into your purple toes by lunchtime!razz

Tis Flitting Day in Scotland, where tenants would choose to either flit or sit in their current abode.

Tis also Towel Day, where people carry their towel with them everywhere as a tribute to the late, great Douglas Adams. Don't belive me? Click HERE.

1768 Captain Jimmy Cook set out for a jaunty sail on a bath tub named Endeavour which took him to the Great Southern Land.

1825 The Sydney Turf Club had the gee-gees running for the first time at Bellevue Hill.

A magpie nest was once on display in the Sydney Museum after the bird recycled telegraph wire, springs, bicycle spokes and twigs, weighing a total of 4 kgs.

1870 Bushranger Captain Thunderbolt was allegedly shot dead near Uralla by Constable A.B. Walker. Much evidence HERE, along with eye witness statements at the time, prove otherwise!
For a concise list of Thunderbolt's offenses (which did not include murder) click HERE.

1906 705 public servants, obviously with nothing better to do, petitioned the State Premier to let them nick off from work an hour earlier at 4.30pm.

Oz Slanguage -
To laugh at the lawn = to vomit.

1922 Syd Heylen, forever known as Cookie from A Country Practice, was pupped.

1949 Horsham, in western Victoria, suddenly topped being a village or a town overnight and was proclaimed a City!

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
For any condensation developing on the inside of windows in this icy weather, leave a bowl of salt on the windowsill - this will absorb the moisture in the air.

2004 Jetstar began plying the skies with it's first flight from Newcastle to Melbourne that then continued on to Launceston.

Great Uncle Rupert's Not-So-Refreshing Remembrances -
Our sister, Hepzibah, was always sticking her nose into things, trying to help out and be a general nuisance. When we found out what she'd done with our home brew we could have throttled her and left her in the chook house for a month of Sundays! Mother was canny enough to know that the milk not appearing on the doorstep for nearly a week was somehow linked to the sudden improvement in the chooks. While we had plenty of eggs again, we had to make do with the neighbours' goats milk, another thing we blamed Hepzibah for! Ha ha ha ha *cough cough* that milkman did a lot of swearing after that - he swore off the grog, he swore allegiance to the Temperance Movement and we could hear him swearing whenever his horse turned into our street ha ha ha*cough cough*.
Will Mother ever have enough milk and eggs for custard?
Will they try another brew?
Will Father ever stop snoring?!
Find out sometime in future installments.

2005 The King of TV, Graham Kennedy, gave no more of his infamous crow call when he slipped beyond the realms of the auto-cue and studio lighting forever.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Boil rice and frozen mixed vegies.
Open can of soup.
Heat contents.
Add rice and vegies.
Make toast and dunk in soup.


  1. Um Jayne,
    Shouldn't that be the "Sydney Turf Club"...????

  2. LMFAO
    My Freudian slip was showing there!
    All fixed now, thanks ;)

  3. I like the Ozslanguage. Hope it is a regular.

  4. It will be and thanks Andrew :D