Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trivial History May 28

Yes, I know, I'm a day late with this one.
Blame the nasty migraine that made the monitor all purdy nausea-inducing rainbows that flip-flopped across my very wavy vision while I kept screeching "BUCKET! NOW!" for the whole 20 mins it took me to annouce the winner of the Name That...Thing comp razz

1856 A Victorian Royal commission was appointed to ( ho ho ha ha he he, same bucket of cow crap these days, just a different level) examine and report the best means for clearing the Murray River. These days the Govt's solution is to just suck all the water out of it, clearing problem solved!

1902 The Boer War finally ground to a close with the surrender of the Boers. Over 16,000 Aussies served in this war.

1908 Ian Fleming, the author of that famous, well loved story Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, was pupped. He also wrote some other character many have overlooked and forgotten these days, something nicknamed 007...

1919 The first electric trains in Melbourne began rumbling their way between Sandringham and Essendon...and they still managed to beat the 7.35am from Dandy.

1968 Mz Kylie Minogue was hatched, not, as popular rumour once had it, from a budgie egg, but from the Camberwell area in Melbourne....which boasts many a splendid warbling canary!

1969 Ned's rellies protested at the casting of Mick Jagger as Ned Kelly in the film about Ned. Everyone else just protested at Mick for being Mick....


  1. In light of your unwellness Jayne, I think it was a superb effort to add the name of the winner name that thing. He must be a pretty smart dude for you to make such an effort.

    Hope you aren't going to use your headache as an excuse for a no show on Saturday night. Come up with something original.

  2. LOL Andrew. He was indeed a worthy winner for me to suffer for :P
    Still sweet talking Feral Queen for the babysitting job!
    Is it legal to bribe your offspring with single malt scotch?