Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trivial History May 29

Yes, I'm late.
I escaped with Feral Beast for the day.
My legs ache from trying to climb sheer rock-faces steep hills, my back aches from playing pack-horse and my bum aches from actually getting off the ever-widening thing for a changerazz
And more is planned for tomorrow....eeeck!

1815 John Dixon began chugging the first steam engine in the new colony which was used to drive a flour mill to grind, unsurprisingly, not gold or sushi but wheat and corn.

1835 John Batman popped in for a cuppa at Port Phillip.

1863 Putting absolutely no faith into those new fangled horse-less carriage things, bushranger Ben Hall put his money where his mouth was by announcing his preferred mode of transport when he nicked a prize race-horse from Burrowa.

1935 2,500 Gumsuckers (that's Victorian's to you) celebrated the centenary of John Batman's arrival with a re-enactment. Sadly John Batman was unable to attend that day....something to do with being a little bit dead.

1967 The $5 note went into circulation but it never seems to mingle sociably with my wallet or bank account....


  1. "1835 John Batman popped in for a cuppa at Port Phillip."

    Did he bring Robin?

  2. Well, he was certainly robbin' the locals with underpayment of the land ;)

  3. So we went a year and a bit without any $5 notes! I don't remember that. Not that I was at an age to be dealing in notes of any kind. But what a strange idea to go straight from $2 notes to $10.