Saturday, May 31, 2008

Trivial History May 31

I almost have a new Lost & Found to add ... Jason Donavon! razz
Caught the first episodes of Moving Wallpaper and Echo Beach (ABC 2) last night - and we're all hooked.
For those who missed it, Moving Wallpaper is a mock-u-mentary soap about behind the scenes of making a TV soapie, while Echo Beach, which follows it, is the soapie they're making.
Jason's character has just bought a surf shop diner (no, there's not an Alf in sight) and , so far, we've been spared the visual of Jason in budgie smugglers...but secretly I suspect he wouldn't polish up too badly.
Hmmm Jason doin' a Mr Shamrock Fruit Salad?!?!
For someone who never hankered after Scott in Neighbours all those decades ago (now I feel ancient) I'm starting to appreciate the older, mature, aged like a vintage cheese Jason....without the curds and wheylol

1835 John Batman had his first meeting with the Aborigines of Port Phillip...and for a robber's discount he could have almost had a wet bar installed in his office.

When Captain Edgar Percival, a well-known Aussie joy-fly boy of the 1920's, did a loop-the-loop for a paying passenger one day, Mick the dog fell out and started plunging towards the earth...until a rope, that was tied around his neck, stopped his descent and had him dangling 14 ft below the plane for several minutes until Percival noticed Mick was missing and hauled him, tail wagging madly, back on board.

1878 The famous Loch Ard wreck happened when the iron clipper ship was dashed against Muttonbird Island off the Victorian coastline near Port Campbell. 2 survived with 48 lives lost.

Oz Slanguage -
As lively as a blowie on a winter's day = describing a very lethargic person.

1884 Mr Edwards rocked up in Melbourne after cycling from 8.5 days on a penny farthing. Because he could, that's why!

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Buy some cheap baby wipes and use them to effectively wipe cat and dog hair off furniture. Is also a cleaner for grease around stoves and tiles.

1928 For those of us who appreciate a good afternoon of sampling chocolate, Cadbury's began making the brown gooey goodness in Claremont, Tassie.

Miss Ed Ma Kate Shun's Elucidations -
Take the kids out, rugged up of course, to local wetlands or bird sanctuary at dusk to see the activities of the different animals with the changing of the daylight hours.

1942 3 Japanese midget subs got into Sydney Harbour - 1 was sunk by depth charges, 1 became tangled in boom nets and was blown up by her own crew and the last escaped after torpedoing the ferry Kuttabull with the loss of 19 lives on board.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
2 minute noodles are an undervalued resource that can be used as the basis for many a meal, make a meal go further with unexpected guests, thicken a stew/casserole, take the place of most pastas when you run out or just as a snack.
Always keep some packets handy in the pantry.


  1. Forgot about those two shows. Doesn't see much point in starting to watch new things on tele.

  2. Which ABC is free to air? Let me guess - ABC1. Which means I'll be waiting for the DVD. Sounds like fun. I remember the first episode of 'Adventure Island', do you?With Jason Donovan's mother at the helm. I know, I'm showing my age too. I used to love that show.

  3. I'm sure they'll repeat the series again later in the year Andrew.

    I remember Adventure Island!!!!
    Panda and Clown and Miss Sue at the opening of each show :)
    Wept buckets when they took it off for that hardly-rates-a-mention Sesame Street muppet thing.
    And then there was Andy Pandy with Looby-Lou, Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men (not to forget Weeeeeeeeeeeed!).

  4. I was never into J-D back in the day (possibly because I was oh, about 7) but he's growing on me as he gets older.

    And as for the cadbury news - I'm very sad to hear they are no longer running tours of the factory. The first time I went I had coached the students I was with to be polite and gentle as we were in with a group of senior citizens. Well, when they brought out the good stuff the elderly folk were ELBOWING and SHOVING one another whilst my group of 13 year olds stood quietly by.

  5. Oh my goodness!! Adventure Island?? I remember that!! I used to love it!!
    That's why i like this place so that a sign of age do you think???
    I now have time to do a bit of visiting so I thought I should be making up for lost time, but I'm never going to catch up totally....just too much!

  6. I was sad to hear that also, Miss D, and I'm not surprised at that behaviour in the least!

    Hi Mo, good to see you again, it's "too splendid" lol :P

  7. Just too splendid honey
    It was a hoot alright! Be another one in 6 - 8 months...takes me that long to find the energy to coordinate it all!
    And we need to give Gemisht a push too! We got another vote that tied it, so she needs to do an alternate ending..
    nyuk nyuk nyuk

  8. Ahhh okies.
    I'll look forward to reading the alternate ending!