Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Trivial History May 6

Yes folks, the silly old cow has changed her blog template at long last.
Never let it be said that I give in easily - I kept battling with the damn thing for months, even with unending help from Sue, bless her cotton socks, who bent over backwards and spent many a sleepless night trying to fix the HTML coding for me.
(I've never heard Sue swear but I think I made up for her!)
So now you have a new vista to gaze upon and, yes, there will still be some further tweaks in the coming days/weeks/months,etc ( like trying to make my header pic actually go into the damn header, for starters!!! Swearing now!)
And the Beaut Blogs blog is no more; I've amalgamated the loooooooooooooooooong blog list, and linky bits, over to this main page, so feel free to check 'em out as there's a great group of bloggers listed for your perusalbiggrin

1839 Having enjoyed the horizontal limbo with the painted ladies of Little Lonsdale Street just a few too many times, John Batman breathed his last.

The longest serving teacher in Oz was Mr Christopher Carroll who kept continuously teaching the three R's for 55 years. He died in harness, in his classroom, at Melbourne's Christian Brothers College.

1847 A large-ish anti-transportation meeting, in Hobart (did they sail the extras in?) petitioned good old Queen Vic to cease and desist sending her convicts over to the sunny shores of Oz...or they threatened to stamp their collective feet and get really, really cross.

Ghost spot-
An insignificant weatherboard house in Westall, near Clayton, Victoria, was the site of a frightening spirit that would loudly hammer on windows and doors late at night when everyone was asleep, in the 1940's. Occasionally a deep booming voice would demand entrance with the banging but no one was ever to be found outside the house. This stopped after several months.

1887 At a blokey meeting at the Melbourne Town Hall the Working Man's College was launched upon Melbourne, the dream of one Francis Ormond to ensure that working blokes got a decent technical education. The Working Man's College is, these days, better known as RMIT.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Always keep a small tarp in your car for spur-of-the-moment picnics and any small emergency.

1910 King George V succeeded King Edward VII; same bucket of cow poo just a different level (but a finer eye for ladies lingerie!).

Miss Ed Ma Kate Shun's Elucidations-
Buy some old china plates from an op shop and let the kids compare them. The differences will be very apparent, showing very clearly to all the changing processes and materials used to mass market a basic need. This fits in with learning about the Industrial Revolution and the ever-widening ripples from it.

2001 The centenary of Federation was celebrated with a street procession down Swanston Street but it wasn't entirely accurate as there was not a consumptive child or starving mother in sight....

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Take 1 (family sized) packet of powdered cream of chicken soup, mix with water as per directions and let sit in a saucepan over a gentle heat.
Add 2 cups finely diced (cooked) chicken pieces, 1 can asparagus pieces, 1 finely chopped leek, 1 spring onion, 1 carrot and 1/2 cup of peas. Herbs and seasoning to taste.
Simmer gently for 45 mins or until all is cooked through, serve with hot crusty bread rolls lathered in fresh butter.


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