Thursday, May 8, 2008

Trivial History May 8

Another wonderful morning with Hot Hunk Thursday just waiting to be posted.
Well you'll have to be patient as we've got a spot of trivial history to wade through first razz

Today is World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, with this year's event titled "Together For Humanity", so aptly timed with the huge tragic mess unfolding in Burma.
Let's just hope the generals realise they don't have anything to rule if they have no one left.

1839 Founder of Melbourne, John Batman was buried in the Old Cemetery in Melbourne, which is now the Queen Victoria Market. Johnny boy was buried somewhere under the asphalted car park...give him a wave when you're buying the fruit and veg next week!

1869 Captain Moonlite aka Andrew Scott, bushranger by trade when not a church minister, held up the bank in Mt Egerton, Victoria.

Harold Blair developed such a grand singing voice while working in the Qld canefields that he was persuaded to sing for Aussie soprano Marjorie Lawrence and went on to become the first Aboriginal to win a Diploma of Music.

1896 Even without Shane Warne and his powerful opposable SMS thumb Yorkshire made the highest ever county cricket championship innings score by making 887 at Edgbaston against Warwickshire.

1903 Train drivers and firemen downed tools and went on strike which was the first large scale disruption of a public utility but also helped light a fire under the pollies when The Coercion Act was passed by Parliament a mere 7 days later which forced the strikers back to work.

Ghost spot-
Holding a seance in an old terrace house in Carlton, Victoria, one night in 1976, the gathering of uni students were subjected to physical violence and ear piercing screams from thin air for 3 hours. Weeks later, while the bruises were still fading, they discovered the house had once been home to an alcoholic doctor, in the 1880's, who lost more patients than he cured with his barbaric and cruel surgeries.

1907 Charge your glasses, boys and girls for Carlton and United Breweries was birthed today after the amalgamation of 6 - yes, count them, 6! - major breweries.

1948 Margaret McIntyre became the first Taswegian shelia elected to the Parliament of Tassie.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
When planning a fishing trip, always visit the local fish mongers the Saturday before just prior to closing time - you'll find plenty of potential bait being sold for a pittance. Freeze in individual bags (clearly marked) and for approx. $5 you have enough stored for several fishing trips.

1956 Alfred E. Neuman was pupped. Who is Alfred E. Neuman? The boy with the silly grin, a missing tooth, jug-like ears and who appears on almost every MAD Magazine cover.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Take one of Anja's Hot Hunk Thursday selection and smother him in whipped cream.
Do I really need to tell you what to do after that...?


  1. *giggles* Yep, whipped cream should help one get through a long, cold winter.

  2. Would you like a spoon or a straw with that, Mz Anja ?:P