Friday, May 9, 2008

Trivial History May 9

Just discovered it's National Archaeology Week from May 18th, here in Oz (coz it's sooooo well advertised, NOT, you have to hunt for the info) and guess who was able to book FB into a free stone knapping workshop?!
Yes, I'm being lavished with praise, told what a wonderful mother I am, etc,etc (see? I always told you that I seriously rocked) and that's before I've told him about the umpteen other workshops/seminars I'm eyeballing for His Feral Lordship!
Still have yet to find any form of archaeology club/group/tea-and-scones-knitting-party except from some uber-serious cerebral associations that want your first-born as payment to join (Feral Queen might put up a bit of a fight on that one) but only after you can prove you have papered your entire palatial mansion with university degrees.
Damn, if only I'd known I wouldn't have used them to replace the dunny paper that week in 2001.....

1901 Needing an excuse for a knees up our ancestors celebrated the opening of the first Commonwealth Parliament in the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne by the Duke of Cornwall and York (later King George V).

New Guinea worker, Kalipa, was dragged into a river by a huge crocodile when he proved his reputation for being the strongest man in the district - he picked the monster croc up, while it was still clamped to his leg, and carried it out of the river, up the beach, through to his village where others helped Kalipa kill it.

1927 The Duke of York, liking a knees up himself (especially if it was a handmaiden's knee that was up) opened the new Federal Parliament House in Canberra. Oh, how they partied for days...

Ghost spot-
St Paul's Cathedral, in Melbourne, has several shadowy figures kneeling in prayer in the dim recesses and whom simply vanish when approached.

1963 Townsville was in a bit of a pickle when it's main sugar terminal, which had 78,000 tonnes of the sweet stuff stored in it, got a tad warmish when it caught fire and was toasty for 5 days.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Always keep a pair of pantihose in your car - not only do they double as a fan belt but they are useful as a bandage for injured wildlife and humans, as a tourniquet for snake bite, and many other uses
1980 He of the disappearing stomach, Grant Hackett, was found in a fish hatchery today. Read more about this super swimmer HERE.

Miss Ed Ma Kate Shun's Elucidations-
Many universities have their lectures available online, another source of research and interest for kids wanting more information on possible future university study.

1988 Parliament House on Capital Hill, in Canberra, was flung open for business by Her Maj, Liz the Second. I'm starting to see a pattern here.....

Madame Babooshka's Starsign Reading For The Day -
Those born under the sign of the Seahorse will have a good weekend but, like Cinderella, will discover there is an early expiry date on their partying, not surprisingly linked to that cheap botox !

2006 The 2 miners trapped in the Beaconsfield Mine collapse in Tassie, Todd Russell and Brant Webb, were finally freed after Sunrise's Kochy promised to give his left nut,sew his trap shut and take their place spending 14 days 1 km underground.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Boil vegies and pasta together in the one pot; drain when fully cooked.
Saute onions in butter, than add plain flour, seasoning and herbs till you have a thick paste then slowly add milk and water, stirring till you have a thick sauce.
Add 1 450gm tin of drained salmon to the sauce, 1 bowl of grated cheese and the vegies and pasta.
Mix through properly, and serve with more grated cheese sprinkled on top.


  1. Stone knapping's always good. Some of the stones round our way have been fast asleep for hundreds of years.

  2. You're going to let a child learn how to make sharp cutting instruments? Brave Lass.

  3. Been keeping count of those years, Brian ?:P

    He's finding the spoon a bit dull to chop through his steak nowadays, J ;)