Thursday, May 29, 2008

UltraViolet Observations blog

As you can see by my blog roll there's been a few additions of late.
One of these that I'm really enjoying reading is UltraViolet Observations.
Andrea is a BoM weather observer (probably wrong title so you can shoot me Andrea) currently stationed in Broome.
Her observations on not just the weather but everything in and around Broome is a great eye-opener for those of us who haven't yet travelled there (and some of us who have no intention of ever stepping foot on Cable Beach while there's breath in my body, after one of her eye-bugging info posts!!!).
So go and have a gander through UltraViolet Observations to see how one survives living in an expensive mining town during a mining boom with a stunning beach full of nasty things and the airport right in the centre of town!


  1. "Andrea is a BoM weather observer..."

    When it rains does she explode?

  2. She probably explodes out of excitement as the rain is so rare. I agree Jayne this is an excellent blog written by a very talented and beautiful young woman :-)

  3. Absolutely, Sue ;)
    And of course you're not biased lol.

  4. Ha Ha In Joke Sue.

    I will go and take a look. I love the informal role that the BOM has here in South Australia with the ABC. It is such a pleasant way to listen to the weather.

    That said, I miss the shipping forecast.