Sunday, June 8, 2008

Brian, Name That....


No, it's not today's newspaper.
Although, yes, that is today's newspaper propped up against the lid, but that's there more to show we can lay our hands on it in the over-crowded shed rather than for a ransom demand of some sort.

Yes, it's a laser level.
As you can tell by it's pristine and still-in-the-box appearance, it's had stacks of none.razz
No one seems to know of a paddock lying innocent, slumbering in the winter sun simply waiting to be contoured and investigated in depth by our virginal laser level.
If we started to practice with it in the street, the neighbours would panic about a potential highway by-pass down the centre of the street and start a protest before we'd taken our first reading, such is the faith we have in our local council.
And no doubt the council would find some archaic by-law to prosecute and fine us a gazillion dollars, something like "illegally flashing a virginal laser level within the confines of a residential street and in school children's vision, resulting in mob fear and an over-loaded switchboard with councillors and town planners having to do a day's work for once by actually speaking to the people they represent"...or some such.


  1. Jayne,

    Show off. Laser levels are cheating. You should be contour surveying using a good old fashioned dumpy, half a dozen tent pegs and a ball of string, like what us under-equipped British archaeologists do. (Er...that came out sounding a bit wrong...but I'm sure you know what I meant.)

    I thought Mr. Beast said that your house was built on the site of an old blacksmith's and had been excavating the 'chook' house just to prove it? Who needs a paddock to survey when you've got an archaeological dig in your own back yard? It'd be an excellent, practical excercise to survey the 'excavation area'...and then post the results. (And don't forget to scan finds, place the trenches on the finished diagram and do all the other stuff that excavation reports require. At some point I'll be demonstrating how to Geo-Phys without a magnetrometer, just a surveying kit and a steel prodder.)

    I'll be handing out marks at the end of the survey, so make sure you do everything by the book.

  2. Ahhh ok, I'll get it up and going for FB sometime this week and get him familiar with it ;)
    The "trench" is a whopping great hole in the ground (which is undermining one of my vegie boxes so he's sorting out pumpkin vines from the finds!)/
    Lordy he'll love to learn how to Geo-Phys!

  3. that would get the tongues wagging wouldn't it.

    My FIL has a laser level and the TOOL man uses it often. A great tool !

  4. you just broke like 12 council bylaws by considering using that thing.

  5. Yep, it is Trish, considering that we picked it up for $5 and it's kept our shed company for the better part of a year now lol.

    I did indeed, Kelley. I'm waiting for the council fun police to knock on the door at any minute ;)

  6. $5? $5!!? Have you checked that it actually works?

  7. Yep, The Spouse did that the minute we got home lol.
    I think the packaging was ripped or something piddly like that, old stock, etc.

  8. If there's a magnetrometer going at a similar price, get one for me will you?