Friday, June 27, 2008

The Growing Challenge 10

Yes, well I obviously spoke too soon last time.
Those cauliflowers trying to out-grow the possum mafia?
The furry pests chowed down on my beauties in a rabid slumber party-type midnight snack versus Jaws scenting blood in the water kinda way.
They're still alive and, although not quite kicking, there's hope they'll recover enough to feed The Tribe something.

Have stretched netting over many of the vegie boxes this week as the feathered wild life seem determined to help hoe the garden for me with their multiple tiny talons.
I have assured them that I don't really need their assistance but they stubbornly continue, possibly hoping to please me with their surprise.
Oddly, I am not pleased and the ear-piercing chattering from the tree branches leads me to believe they are equally unhappy with the netting.
I have opposable thumbs and I'm not afraid to use them!

The rosemary bushes and strawberry plants have established themselves nicely, even though the chooks have tried their hardest to rip seven shades of shyte through them.
It's refreshing to find flora that can withstand a foraging Sunday roast on legs.

Some of the bean plants are looking tired and emotional but not from a night on the tiles. There's a nasty little insect chomping away on them, which seems to be breeding profusely in this dry weather, and I fear I will have change their living quarters to that of the compost bin.
Even the possum mafia are turning up their noses at them and the chooks inform me that their delicate palates refuse to let even a leaf pass their lips.
Yes, chickens have lips.
It's where they get chicken salt from.
100 virgins on the isolated Outer Hebrides collect the salt from chickens lips and package it in those little containers you buy in the supermarket.


  1. I must visit the Outer Hebrides. I can't remember the last time that I actually saw 100 virgins.

  2. "They're still alive and, although not quite kicking, there's hope they'll recover enough to feed The Tribe something."

    You are still talking about cauliflowers here, aren't you, and not the possums?

  3. I didn't say they were under the age of 80, Evyl :P

    Well, now that you mention it, Brian....

  4. perhaps you could chomp on a few possums......... that could put them off........... ;) lol

  5. Hmmm that extra protein and furballs for roughage...thanks Bettina lol.