Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Growing Challenge issue 6

Yes, this is last week's Growing Challenge post, so there'll be another one on Friday.
Then again it's Winter and the whole garden should be snoozing.
But it's not.

Anyway the vegies are blooming everywhere at the moment because I've made the Moo Poo Tea of Yummy Goodness.
To make some for yourself, or rather your garden, take one 20 litre bucket filled with water and throw in the chopped off leg of pantihose that is filled with moo poo.
Apart from keeping your legs warm, tying up plants to stakes,replacing broken fan belts and securing a chicken's broken wing (another story) pantihose are a great form of teabag for garden goodies.
Let the moo poo pantihose teabag soak in the bucket of water for about 1 week - you jiggle or dangle as your choice takes you - and then dilute 1 litre into a 10 litre watering can/bucket to use on the garden.
Simply refill the bucket of tea with water as the teabag will last quite awhile before you need to refill it again.

The Blackjack zucchinis have 6 babies on them, about 10 cms long so far and growing every day.
There are even more flowers bursting open, despite it being the wrong time of year.
One large rogue self-seeded tomato has very effectively smothered 2 bok choy and 2 (supposedly indestructible) silverbeet plants and is covered with bright yellow blooms ready to turn into cherry red orbs of scrumptiousness.
The kids are quietly cheering this silverbeet Tontine-ing tomato on but they haven't noticed the gazillion other silverbeet plants galloping away in the garden , nor the new baby plants in the greenhouse.

Poking about I found the Turnip of Terror lurking amidst the cabbages.
With my rotten eyesight I let anything grow that looks vaguely vegie-like to see what it turns out to this case a monster turnip that could feed the entire Oz Federal Govt (plus public servants) for a month of Sundays.
And probably give them as much gut ache as what they give the general public...

A friend dropped off dozens of orphaned rosemary plants in need of a good home so they got shoved into the dirt and flooded with Moo Poo Tea.
As were the 2 strawberry plants that accompanied them.
They're all looking healthy, happy and settled in, with 1 strawberry starting to sprout.

Ummm, helloooooooooo?
Hasn't anyone told you lot it's Winter!!!

The various types of beans are doing their bean-growing thing, the fennel, bok choy, broccoli, celery, tomatoes, cauliflower, peas, carrots, parsnip and I-forget-what-they-are-seedlings are bathing in the daily Moo Poo Tea and trying to out-grow each other.

It's Winter!!!


  1. Damn, that garden sounds divine!

    Moo Poo tea. Hmm, it's doing the trick, by the sounds of it.

  2. "...the whole garden should be snoozing. But it's not."

    Perhaps as well really. You want to hear the racket those brassicas make when they're snoring.

  3. Look, the vgies are great I'll admit, but come on just GOTTA tell us about the chicken wing!!!

  4. Moo Poo Tea should be prescribed to some of your patients, Anja ;)

    Not quite as bad as The Spouse, surely Brian?!

    LOL Mo.
    Maybe :P

  5. moo poo tea to go with the moo poo and straw salad?

    I just discovered that my peas are taller than me! *gasp*

  6. I envy your vege patch. I still have a few white zucchini growing - moo poo tea - maybe I should get some.
    I am planting more seedlings this weekend and hope they survive the dog and the little monkeys.

  7. I get so confused by all these continents... it's just now summer here. HOT! *sweat*

    what is the temp in winter there?

    "Moo Poo", lol. I LOVE gardeinng and had a lovely one in my old tiny house pre-babies. Lots of well -established lovelies from the previous owner too. Here I have NOTHING, and no time. -sigh-

  8. My peas are working on getting taller but we keep eating the pea pods before they get in the house, Bettina lol.

    Moo Poo Tea is easy, cheap and the neighbours won't complain about any smell ;) Good luck with the dog and those monkeys, Trish lol.

    Ahh, yep you're starting Summer, Goldie lol.
    Our nights have been 4C (39F)of late with days of 15C-18C (59F -64F)but it's likely to get a lot colder ;)