Monday, June 23, 2008

The Growing Challenge Numberrrrrrrrrrrrr 9 !

Yes, yes I've been farting about so much in the garden and with crocheting rugs I've neglected to post about The Growing Challenge, but here is the up-date.
I know you've all been hanging on the edge of your seats for it.
Hush, let me have my delusions.

Well, the media is full of doom and gloom about how food prices are going to sky-rocket (they've obviously missed the fact that prices have been climbing for some time now) what with the petrol thing happening, so now is a good time to stick a few beans in an old jam tin with a bit of dirt and start growing.

I've planted out tomato seedlings in hanging baskets and they're doing quite well, swinging merrily from the pear tree branches in the roaring wind and rain.
Hanging baskets are notorious for drying out quickly so I've tossed in a shed-load of pre-soaked water crystals with the compost/potting mixture.
I've also thrown some dwarf bean seeds in hanging baskets, which are also becoming dizzy beneath the pear tree.

A tomato that sprouted from the compost The Spouse used to plant an ornamental in the front garden is galloping along nicely, although the behemoth canine that jumped the gate only just managed to avoid it when doing his digging nonsense.
I know it was a behemoth dog from the size of the calling card he left.
I might just add that that is one behemoth dog in desperate need of extra fibre in his diet.

The vegie box interrupting FB's dig is partially dismantled; the ex-paling fence walls have been shifted but The Spouse has mistaken himself for a sugar cube and believes he will melt in the rain we are currently experiencing should he attempt to move the chicken wire surrounds.
No vegies were harmed in the moving of the vegie box walls although the sprouting cabbage is patiently awaiting it's hand-maidens to decamp it to new environs.

Broccoli heads are starting to form on those scrumptious green things and the cauliflower plants are playing catch-up, although I must admit to cheating by shoving a couple of solar garden lights around them; the extra light does seem to have boosted their growth...either that or they're trying to out-grow the possum mafia.

2 new vegie boxes are sitting and waiting...waiting...waiting for soil, compost and my usual TLC (Total Lack of Care) for any plants that will shortly call them home.
1 choko plant turned up it's roots (Andrew will be so pleased!) but I found several old, tatty ones going out cheap at the green grocers to sprout on the window sill and stick about the garden.


  1. "I've also thrown some dwarf bean seeds in hanging baskets..."

    Now you'll either end up with an infestation of midgets, or a massive beanstalk with a giant at the top. You really have to be careful when you buy your beans off dwarfs.

  2. I carefully followed the chappie back to his hole in the hill and noticed he had a lot of glittery stones in his pockets....:P