Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Growing Challenge Se7en

I've out-done myself in the vegie garden today, hence you're getting the post 24 hours early.
Plus I've done something nasty to my numerous muscles whilst wildly wielding the mattock ... I used them and they don't like it.
So I'll be creaking and groaning tomorrow!

I'm a stingy old cow and if I can recycle something to save $ I will; I've recycled 4 very LARGE wooden packing boxes, from a local metal business, into vegie gardens with the last 2 going in today.
I recycle the sins of the rich and famous in the print media into shredded newspaper in the bottom of the boxes and also the junk mail gets tossed in, too.
Yes, all you estate agents who insist on filling my letterbox with offers of free appraisals and offers of keen buyers wanting my house - your expensive advertising is feeding the wormies.
Thank you for killing a dozen forests to annoy me but the vegies thank you, The Tribe thanks you and, most importantly, the wormies thank you.

The Spouse did Tree Killing Duty; he hacked down the spikey Hawthorn bush and sickly Lilac tree whilst I leaned on the shovel and offered valuable advice...
"Nah, I reckon you're doin' it all wrong,"
"Yeah, shove the crow bar under that end more...yeah but put yer back into it, ya big girl's blouse..."
"Oh, bugger off and let ME do it! Hmph, if ya want a job done right, get a woman to do it...OI! Don't you nick off, make me a cuppa tea and pass me the mattock...not necessarily in that order,"
After much grunting and whacking at the stubborn tree stump and it's gazillion roots that go all the way to China (and is probably the only thing holding the whole world together) we cleared the area for what The Spouse has declared will be The Spud Garden.

We called it a day on the numerous pumpkin vines and kneecapped the suckers...they recycle into a lovely mulch so were tossed into the new uber deep vegie box, along with the autumn leaves, weeds that were left to dry and die in the sun, chook poo and the chook's old shredded newspaper bedding.
One box was filled with the scrumptious compost (it's so rich you could grow a dead body in it...or so my wormies tell me) and planted out with lettuce, cucumber, zucchini, silverbeet (yes, more), cabbage, turnip, radicchio,capsicum, basil, parsley and anything-that-I-could-lay-my-hands-on-at-the-time kind of seeds.
Years ago we had the paling fences replaced and I recycled the chopped down sections into the walls of the original vegie boxes; today we re-arranged the walls and made the whole garden "bed" all joined together. I dug over the soil in some areas and re-planted the same aforementioned seeds in there.
The left-over "walls" mean I have enough to create several more vegie box gardens...just as soon as The Spouse can empty the garden waste bin and chop up the nasty spikey Hawthorn bush and sickly Lilac tree.
While I have a wee lie down with a mustard plaster and a couple of paracetamol...


  1. "...most importantly, the wormies thank you."

    I've got the rather bizarre image of a group of worms, heads bowed, eyes upturned and caps in hand, muttering 'Thank you', stuck in my head now.

  2. Ahhh, but my lusty, brawny wormies are a brawling bunch and are just as likely to thank someone with a squirt of worm pee in their eye :P

  3. I am in awe of you having so many vege boxes...... I keep telling hubby he needs to go 'acquire' the pallets from the empty building site down the road for boxes...........

  4. They make great no dig gardens at a really good working height - no kneeling and no back-ache vegies boxes ;)
    Tell hubby you'll change the axe head again if he doesn't go get those boxes lol ;)