Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Meme!

LiD tagged me for a meme so here you are, my reply razz

What were you doing ten years ago?
Hmmm, 1998 tis The Year I Hate; my mum was diagnosed and died from secondary cancer within an 8 week period, Feral Beast was diagnosed with Autism (not bad parenting techniques as some would have it), I was slugging my guts out in a nursing home so putrid the residents would sail out on a wave of urine to greet you as you walked in the front door at 6am and my favourite DON died from respiratory problems she developed while nursing in the Vietnam War but which the army I was probably calling everything every name under the sun 10 years ago...and being a bitch, but that's a talent I have.

What are 5 things on your to-do list today?
Shift the vegie box for Feral Beast. (No, it's still sitting there.Yes, I'm slack).
Finish the crocheted rug Jahteh inspired me to make after flashing her lovely creations all over the interwebs.
Teach Feral Beast Auslan sign language...coz Gaelic is doing my head in.
And more of the same..blah,blah,blah mrgreen

What snacks do you enjoy?
Never met a food group I didn't like - shove it under my nose and I'll inhale it within 2.3 seconds.

Things that you would do if you were a billionaire?
Extend the rail network, convert it to solar-powered electricity. Put solar powered vehicles on the road. Invest in a massive solar electricity farm (like the one in Westralia) and sell cheap power to everyone but charge quad-triple the amount for govt buildings while handing out solar panels and kits so every man and his dog is tricked out in off-grid solar electricity.
Stick water tanks in every property, in every car park,sports ground, in every spare inch of space and then tell the govt to stick their desal plant and North-South pipeline where the sun doesn't send solar power.
And pay for archaeology, nursing and medical students to study for free.
Coz I've got my priorities right.
Oh and I'd buy myself a tonne of black jelly beans.

Three of your bad habits?
Geeze, only 3?!
I snore.
I can verbally rip the head off any human and make them cry in a corner the moment my eyes are open. (I'm not really a morning person).

Five places you have lived?
Junortoun, Harcourt, Attadale, Rockingham, Balwyn.
And a stack of other places but the meme only asked for 5 razz

Five jobs you've had?
Furniture Polisher and restorer.
Allergist assistant.
Among the usual chief cook and bottle washer experiences!

How did you name your blog?
I named it Our Great Southern Land as it's a celebration of everything that makes Australia so wonderfully diverse and fantastic....and, besides, the name "Whip me, spank me and cover me in gravy" would have scared most of you off ...well, the ones I want to keep returning razzwink

I tags
Miss Diarist


  1. Jayne, the darned meme picked a horrible year for you to describe. I am sorry.

    By the way I am voting you into parliment whether you like it or not because your environmental ideas are brilliant and because you are teaching gaelic to Feral Beast. I have learning gaelic as a goal.

    May a big bag of black jelly beans appear on your kitchen table forthwith.

    And I keep forgeting to say that G and I went looking for the Harcourt Slate quarry you recommended ( a lng time ago) for photos and the spooky ambience.

    We drove along the road past apple orchards and then sadly turned back because we had really left it a wee bit late and it was getting dark.

    I think the road was leading up into the hills so we weren't even sure we were heading in the right direction. I will get back there for another look.

  2. LiD, tis ok, I have moments where I borrow FB's Tourette's and let rip ;)
    LOL thanks for the vote of confidence and I hope those black jelly beans magically appear too! (saying that out loud as a HINT to The Spouse ;) )
    Yep, Blackjack Rd, Harcourt heads for the hills and it isn't too flash to be driving up it in the dusk/dark if you don't know it.

  3. Jayne for President. This meme has been around the world and back. I did it for a guy in Scotland, but I see it regularly. It is a good one and gives a real insight into peoples personality.

    I will be sure not to visit too early in the morning.

  4. Name five things on Today's To Do List. Hmm...1. Make a To Do List.

    My three worst bad habits? Let's see. 1. Starting to partake in a meme and then stopping halfway through the second ques

  5. I like the original name you had for your blog, and I would have returned. Um... is this a good thing?

    You enjoy mornings as much as I do. *groans*

  6. You can have ALL of my black jelly beans - love licorice but cannot stand them.

    What an Annus Horriblus for you in 1998.

    Its funny seeing this meme making the rounds - I have counted about 5 versions thus far!!!