Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Name That....


Hints this week are -
  • It's a form of wrench.
  • It's for a particular thing that attaches to the back of cars.
  • It's no longer needed these days as there is a rounded object that lifts up and does the job of this wrench.
  • Yes, that is a bottle opener on the other end of the wrench but we're not focusing on that or it's properties today!
Have as many guesses as you like, the only prize is to have your name, and that of your blog, listed in the winners list in my sidebar.
And the fact you can do the I'm A Smarty-Pants Limbo for 5 mins.

Widdle Shamrock has it!
It's for a tow bar, the really old kind that was used before the round tow balls and the round tow ball connection caps were invented.
Yes kids, once upon a time the men folk would have to wrestle the tow bar wrench (before they'd even attempt to wrestle the bar wench) to attach ye olde tow bar to the back of the car.
Go forth and wiggle your jiggly bits to the Clever Clogs Rumba for 5 mins WS mrgreen


  1. It's an object that slips over a watervole's head so that he can carry his drinks around with him without spilling them.

  2. Sorry Jayne, it's been a long time since I saw the back end of a car or not if I count looking in the mirror yesterday.

  3. It's a wrench of course ;)



  4. Um... it's a doohickey (dontcha love the technical term) for changing tyres?

  5. Something for tow bars.

    There was a time when alot of things had bottle openers on them me thinks.

  6. Woo hoo

    ***Does wobbly bit jiggly jiggly dance***

    Oh yeah, oh yeah.......

  7. Gebus, Widdle Shamrock. I can so see you doing that dance. There's something really wrong with my imagination. ;)