Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Name That....


Hints this week -
  • It's commonly found in churches.
  • It's nice on the old nose.
  • It can be swung and/or hung.
It should be pretty easy for most of you but have as many guesses as you want, the only prize for the winner is the right to do the I Know It All Hand Jive for 5 mins while grinning smugly at everyone within a 10 km radius, with you and your blog's name listed as the winner in my sidebar.

Both Irish Lad and Bettina have it - it's an incence holder called a Censor/Thurible, which isn't quite thrown around wink but swung or hung to scent the church during a service.
You both may go forth and smugly smirk at all for 5 mins!

Thanks to all who had a go, the next Name That...Thing challenge will be posted again next Tuesday.


  1. An incense holder that priests threw at lent and funerals.

  2. lol, not exactly threw around as such son, but swung around.

  3. I do believe its called a censor or a thurible

  4. It's the ballcock out of Queen Victoria's toilet.

  5. Ahhh, I've been beaten to the punch. It is indeed a censor, and a very nice one at that :)

  6. I received one similar and it was full of tiny cute gifts. The card said it was a treasure ball and I was to fill it up and pass it on.

    Just threw that in for interest sake.

  7. Damn my coming to the page too late - I knew this one, too!