Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Name That....

Hints this week are -
  • Every good cook and/or kitchen used to have at least one of these things.
  • Note the curved bottom on it - this is to allow steam to waft up the spout.
  • The spout itself would be seen easily but the rest of it would be hidden when in use.
  • These things came in all shapes and sizes, with the blackbird being the favoured figure.
  • Sing the nursery rhyme "4 and 20 Blackbirds" and you'll have a major clue!

No prizes from this stingy old cow, just the right to wear a gloating smile for 5 mins and your name (with your blog) listed in my sidebar list of winners.
Have as many guesses as you wish.

LiD has it - it's a pie spout for letting the steam out of pies when baking...not quite for funnelling farts as Brian suggestedlol
I do have a blackbird shaped one but I thought it might be a bit too obvious razz
Go forth, LiD, and smugly smirk while doing the I'm A Clever Clogs Cha Cha for a full 5 mins!
Thanks to all who had a go, the next Name That...Thing challenge will be posted at the same time, same blog next Tuesday wink


  1. "Note the curved bottom on it - this is to allow steam to waft up the spout."

    It's obviously a bottle for storing farts in.

  2. Ahh,is it one of those pie birds that works like a vent and let's the steam out while the pie is cooking?

  3. Mine is in the shape of a blackbird.

    brian doesn't cook, does he *laugh*

  4. Rofl. I always know I can count on Brian for a creative answer.

  5. First time I know what it is and so does everyone else except for the ill-educated pom.

    I've got a blackbird one but I don't bake pies anymore, stupid diet.

  6. I'll hazard a guess that it's a wine-vase - a storage unit for wine?