Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Name That....

Hints this week are -
  • It is marked "Kempthorne Australia 1943" (yes, you may Google!).
  • It is made of brass but there is flaking khaki paint still evident.
  • Users of this Thing may have found it illuminating.
  • Like the same thing still in use today, this Thing was not mains powered, despite the fact it is marked "Electric Lamp" on the back.
  • It is hand-sized and has a clip on the back to hang from a belt.

Have as many guesses as you like, no prizes, just the glory of knowing you're a smarty-pants with the right to smirk at all within your immediate orbit and your name listed as Winner of The Week in my sidebar.

Well done everyone who had a go!
Hilary was correct - it's a really, really sad looking Dalek battery operated torch.
This particular one came from the Army Disposal store when I was about 8 for the grand sum of $2 (when they still had the odd WW2 stock for sale). I've never seen it working as there's no globe and I haven't the foggiest what kind of battery it would require.
Go forth and jiggle the smarty pants jive, Hilary!
Next Name That...Thing challenge same blog time, same blog channel!


  1. Something to do with air raid shelters? I dunno, but it is a funky looking thing.

  2. I've seen one of these, I think I've had one in my hand. I think we used to have one in our house when I was a child. But I can't remember much about it. It was a torch, I suppose, and surely it was battery-powered, and I guess it was for the army and made to attach to a rucksack strap.

  3. It's a mine-worker lighting device used in the olden days. I'm sure of it. My ego will not permit me to be wrong!

  4. It's a Dalek's eyeball. I know, because I pulled one off when I was passing the Dr. Who convention in Lancaster once. Their arms are sink plungers too, and those round things all over 'em are cut-in-half tennis balls. In fact, considering they're supposed to be the most deadly creatures in the universe, they're really crappily made.

  5. It's some sort of torch, maybe for trains or train lines?

  6. Wooohooo! I got one. I usually check in about a minute too late and someone's already got it, so I'm making the most of it while I can. I'll be doing my smarty-pants smirk and my victory dance until the next one.