Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Rug

Here's a rough picture of the rug, just finished it 10 mins ago!
(It is straight but on a roughly made bed with lumps and bumps underneath).

Jahteh,who posts some delicious articles on half nekkid scrumptious lads, chocolate, pearls, great science items and the fact she was a unicorn in a past life, inspired me with this rug she made.

It kept kicking around in my brain - coz there's just soooo much room in there - and when I found a bag of brand new, brightly coloured wool in the local Salvos for only $6 I snapped it up with this rug planned.
I've joined the squares with the method Jahteh described but with that fluffy faux ostrich feather wool which I used to edge it all as well.

The Spouse is happy, the dogs are happy but- most importantly - the cats are deliriously happy at the thought of marching and kneading that fluffy warmth between their paws and claws.mrgreen


  1. Riotous Applause, at least 6 curtain calls and a bouquet of roses. That rug, and you, deserve it.

  2. That looks amazing. Great job Jayne.

    Now can I come over and snuggle in your new rug because it is freezing at my place :grin:

  3. Thanks, all :)
    I'm still waiting for the possum mafia to shower me in rose petals but they're too busy eating them, Jahteh.

    You'll have to fight the cats for a scrap of blankie, Marita ;)

  4. That is a gorgeous rug Jayne. Plenty of applause from my end of the woods. :)