Monday, June 9, 2008

That Girl Stuff Meme

Jeanie tagged me for this Girl Stuff Meme.
I'm a tomboy; always been a tomboy, always will be a tomboy.
Never been into the girlie stuffs.
So this could be interesting!

Foundation -
Yep, I likes me a damn solid foundation of concrete footings. Red gum stumps are just a gourmet delight to white ants.

Is that a chocolate topping for Tiramisu ?

Day Cream -
Whipped cream anytime of the day suits me.

Essential Beauty Product-

Favourite Make-up Product-

Au de toilette compost bin.

3/4 inch brass self-tapping screws and 1/4 inch galvanised nails are my preferred weapons of choice.

Yep, got 2 of the buggers dangling at the end of my arms and mighty handy they are, too, around the house!

Feet -
The measurement in which I judge the growth of my zucchinis.

3 Products to bring on a deserted island -
Vegie seeds, bucket to collect water and my boots.
Coz I love my Blunnies.

Women I admire for their beauty -
Dame Elizabeth Murdoch; coz she's 99, still drives her golf buggy all over her farm and still gets down and dirty in the garden.

Women with the best sense of style -
Dame Elizabeth Murdoch.
Coz she wears the cutest gumboots.

My ultimate dream -
To have the vegie garden providing The Tribe with stomach-filling goodies 100% of the time.

How do I define womanhood-
Everyone is equal, men and women alike.
Women can do anything they want, it's their own self-doubt that holds them back, sometimes.
And some idiot men.

Favourite fashion publication -
British Archaeology and History Scotland.
Coz I love to see who was wearing and eating what (or whom!) 1,000 years ago.

The last bit-
I tag Widdle Shamrock and Marita to do the Girl Stuff Meme.
Coz I can.


  1. The Archaeologist's Girly Meme

    Foundation: Something you dig through for a cross-section diagram.
    Mascara: A burial ground for cars.
    Day Cream: The result of too much Night Booze.
    Essential Beauty Product: Brown Paper Bag.
    Favourite Make Up Product: Anything sold as essential items on QVC. They're all 'made up', I'm convinced.
    Perfume: I love the smell of cow pats in the morning.
    Nails: Sonic the Hedgehog's mate. (You get to know these things when it rains all weekend.)
    Hands: Distance by which a horse falls when it accidentally charges into a trench.
    Feet: Distance an archaeologist flys when trying to stop a horse from charging.
    3 Products to bring on a desert Island: A boat, an outboard motor and a mobile phone.
    Women I admire for their beauty: Carenza Lewis and that new gothic bint with the red hair on Time Team.
    Women with the best sense of style: Mortimer Wheeler's wife...she left him alone so he could dig his holes in peace. Now that's style!
    My Ultimate Dream: The one with the big hedgehog peeling an onion in it.
    How do I define womanhood: A pink balaclava.
    Favourite Fashion Publication: Wellies Weekly.

  2. Thanks WS and Bettina ;)

    ROFLMFAO Brian!

    We're still getting the 2001 and 2002 or 2003 episodes of Time Team, so I'll take your word for it about the red headed gal ;)

  3. Jayne,

    I think she's called Alice...or Professor D'Eath or something equally as gothic...

  4. Jayne, I so wish I had your sense of style! And I'm sure I've seen that red-headed Time Team girl, and yes, she's cool.

  5. Thank you for a good grin! And it's nice to see people out there I can relate to!