Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trivial History Jume 11

One might think, with all the media hype about the new hybrid car workshops to open in Victoria, that we'd never had another alternative to petrol quickly both the media and the Rudd Govt forget about the Reva electric car that could have been registered on Aussie roads by this time, right now, if not for the ostriches that were in power.
*Ahem* Chairman Rudd, while you're reversing everything the previous Govt did, have you considered reversing the dreadful decision about the Reva, also....?
Can't quite hear you over the Minke whale song that you're Karaoke singing with there....

1863 In Sydney they said "Let there be light!" as electric light had it's debut performance to the general public. Some were impressed. Other's realised they could get a couple of extra hours work done. Even more came to the horrific conclusion that they'd have to invest in large paper bags for their hubby's, if the human race was to survive...

Finding the back seat of his taxi on fire in 1953, the Newcastle, NSW, driver put the pedal to the metal and hooned it half a mile to the fire brigade headquarters, thereby delivering the work to their own doorstep.
And, yes, they saved his taxi.

1911 A very nice chappie, Sidney Myer, opened a drapery business for the hoi polloi in Bourke St, Melbourne. We like old Sidney...we'll keep him on our Xmas card list wink

Oz Slanguage-
Haven't they fed the dingoes lately? = a joking greeting whenever an unexpected visitor turns up.

1932 The Great Depression saw food relief parcels reach their peak, with 413,171 prepared in the 4 weeks prior to this day.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
When cleaning out bird cages, sit the bird cage over the opening of the compost bin- this will save you the need to clean up the mess and will recycle the waste.

1964 The Beatles popped in for a 3 week tour of Oz, with more than 300,000 squealing and screaming girlie fans eyeballing the Fab Four as they drove from Adelaide airport. Which proves it wasn't always loud music that deafened musicians...

Six Degrees of Separation from Skippy-
Skippy and The Daleks =
Liza Goddard played the blonde girl Clancy in the Skippy series-
was married, in real life, to actor Colin Baker-
Colin Baker played the 6th Doctor Who-
the character who has often battled the Daleks.
("What's that Skip? There's large, angry pepperpots coming to exterminate the national park? Damn those anti-burn off nutters!!!")

1970 That awful waste of film, Ned Kelly, starring Mick Jagger, opened in USA. One may stomach a viewing of it when suffering the effects of Brown Snake venom or when completely unconscious....preferably both.


  1. Lol, I can't imagine Mr jagger can sit through that stinky Kelly film either. And I think he shot himself in the foot during filming too.

  2. I never knew that about Clancy or Myer.

    Glad I have you to bring me up to date Jaybe ;)

  3. "Six Degrees of Separation from Skippy"

    I heard somewhere that during filming, when Skippy wasn't acting, he was kept tied up in a sack and regularly dowsed with water from a bucket to keep him alive. What's that Skippy? One of the directors has fallen down a mine shaft? And you pushed him?!

  4. I remember Clancy. She was my hero, I wanted to be as beautiful as her.
    And haven't there been lots of alternative fuel cars invented for years now and the oil companies and car companies buy them out and sit on them? Gives me a nice cosy feeling that everything is fine and the car companies will sort it out at the appropriate time. (That's blog comment sarcasm, if you can't tell.)

  5. I think he might use something to cope with any viewing, LiD ;)

    Thanks Trish lol.

    Yep, they weren't too kind to the old macropods, many of which played the star. Perhaps the high turn over was due to the constantly disappearing directors...

    I think we all wanted to be Clancy lol.
    Yep, they gobble the technology up and then unveil it when they've got everyone by the short and curlies grrr.