Sunday, June 1, 2008

Trivial History June 1

Sing along with the mad old cow....

On the first day of Winter my true love said to me...
Throw another log on the fire...
As we head north, to Alaska...
Where we'll be walking in a Winter Wonderland.

Yes, it's a terrible mash up of songs but it's my head you're visiting so enjoy the riderazz

1836 Melbourne's first settlers, after establishing the grog and gaming industry, established their own de facto government. Bet that went down a real treat with the nobs in Sydney and the Colonial Office in London...

1837 To appease the almost revolting peasants settlers in Melbourne the first patches of dirt were flogged off to the masses in Melbourne and Williamstown.

1837 Hungering for the pocket contents of all, the Bank of W.A opened in Perth.

1850 Transportation of the chaps with the broad arrows painted on their fine clothing to Westralia began with the arrival of the ship Scindon carrying 75 convicts and 54 prison guards.

1857 Le Petomane, The Fartist, was born. Yes, FARTIST!
Click the link to read about a bloke so popular, his farts out-sold the world-famous Sarah Bernhardt.
Yes, Kelley, I've found Boo's future can thank me later lol

1889 Perth was linked to Albany by the iron road that chugged, ever so sweetly, each and every day....almost brings a cinder to your eye...

1930 The very first Aussie movie with sound segments in it, The Cheaters, premiered in Parramatta.

1968 Happy 40th Birthday Jason Donovan!

Have just heard the news that our wonderful Aussie troops are coming home from Iraq.
Thank you for your bloody hard work and welcome home!


  1. "1968 Happy 40th Birthday Jason Donovan!"

    Jason Donovan was 40 in 1968? I thought was looking a bit haggard.

  2. Can you remember what 40 was like, Brian ? :P
    Put down that broomstick Brian !!!

  3. sweet. But will have to hand out gas masks first. Hmmmm wonder if there are Hello Kitty ones.... probably.

  4. JD? Really 40???????
    Jeepers.... that makes me... ok, not going THERE !!!