Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trivial History June 10

A glorious, sunny day with not a skerrick of the rain promised by the weather people's for the past week...although rumour has it something dripped from the sky overnight, as the decking is slightly damp....but that could have been the possum mafia again!

Tis Mad Hatter Day in Australia and UK, the date being taken from the price tucked into the Mad Hatter's hat-band, 10/6, in Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland.

1770 Jimmy Cook was bobbing about in his boat when the Endeavour found the Great Barrier Reef the hard way.

Millions of worms which suddenly appeared one night in December 1932 and covered the road at Kenmore, NSW, for about 500 yards caused several cars to skid and crash (no one was hurt). No trace of the worms was found the next morning.

1878 Dobbin-drawn trams began clip-clopping through the streets of Adelaide, with many a happy gardener along the routes.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
When cleaning a food container that has developed any kind of mould, always use bi carb of soda; this will neutralise any further growth, remove any odour and is cheap.

1880 Macpherson Robertson, who founded the MacRobertson Confectionery Company that gave us such yummy goodness as Violet Crumbles and Freddo Frogs, began whipping up the yummies in Fitzroy.

Oz Slanguage-
Mouth like a camel driver's crutch = really, really, REALLY bad breath.

1886 Mount Tarawera blew it's top in New Zealand, resulting in the deaths of more than 100 people and the total destruction of the "Eighth Wonder of The World", the stunningly beautiful Pink and White Terraces.

Oz Etty Kit-
When invited to a BBQ (barbie) and you're told to BYO a plate, this means the host is asking you to bring a plate of food to burn to a crisp on the barbie, not an empty piece of china with which you line up to get a freebie steak.

1957 The Palm Island Strike took place; Aborigines stood up against the brutal and sadistic treatments meted out to men and women alike.

Six Degrees of Separation from Skippy-
This is where I try to connect Skippy, The Bush Kangaroo with a wide variety of infamous people within 6 moves.
Coz I can.
Skippy to The Vicar of Dibley,( coz I know how much Anja lurves that show)
Ed Devereaux starred as the father, Matt Hammond, in Skippy.
He also starred as Max in Absolutely Fabulous, Absolutely Not! in 1998.
This also starred Dawn French, who also starred in The Vicar of Dibley.

1989 Jason Donovan was racing up the Uk charts when he had his 2nd number 1 hit with the ditty "Sealed With A Kiss". Which should have been, properly, titled SWAK. I'm beginning to see where his singing career went wrong....

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
A good base for any thick soup, stew or casserole is beef stock, which you can find in your pantry in a few different forms.
When you don't have any liquid, dried, cubed or powdered stock, have a look though the soup powder mixes; even the single serve soup packets will give you enough stock/flavouring to build on as a base.


  1. Millions worms found in 1 night sounds cool. Here is a handy hint to stop milk from spoiling:

    1: You heat it at 230 degrees.

    2: Cool it with a seal on top.

  2. the worm thing is freaky!

    We've got rain at the moment - we've had about 21 mls so far. I hope it keeps going.

  3. We have had overcast - and pouring rain - and bright sunshine - looks like a storm front approaching now.

    Weren't those pink and white terraces beautiful? What a shame.

  4. "...the price tucked into the Mad Hatter's hat-band, 10/6..."

    Here's a bit of trivia for you. Nowhere in the text of Alice in Wonderland is that price tag ever mentioned. It was an 'accessory' thrown in by the illustrator John Tenniel, but every illustrator since (including Disney) has included it with the exact same price showing...which just goes to show what a load of plagerising so-and-so's these artists are.