Thursday, June 12, 2008

Trivial History June 12

I'm late with today's trivial whatnots as I dragged Feral Beast and my Dad into the Melbourne Museum and we've only just returned home.
Tried to spend the night but the museum officials wouldn't have it, bugger razz
Dad hadn't seen the new museum since it opened and I hadn't seen the new Melbourne Gallery exhibition and all 3 of us were very impressed.
Of course we didn't see everything in one day so we're trooping off there again next week to try to complete the whole lot.
The Hatching Dinosaurs exhibit was great, the video intro of the archaeology dig at Little Lons and the massive display they've placed the artefacts into was bloody brilliant - assembling 2 tiny weatherboard houses, true to the era and locale, with the artefacts placed as they would have been used in everyday life throughout the 2 homes, instead of the former plain, unimaginative display case they had them in, gives everyone a much better idea of the common use and need of these items.
And then dragging out some of the ancient wooden framed display cases that are dripping with "oomph" and style, and tossing some of the artefacts in them was fantastic!
Being the mad, bad homeschooling mater that I am, I had printed off a shed-load of worksheets for him from the museum's website the night before and he happily raced around the different galleries and displays finding the answers and revelling in the new knowledge on each weird and wonderful critter.
I think he managed to educate the whole train carriage on the way home with the mating and breeding patterns of behaviour of emus, Murray Cod and Sauropod dinosaurs. Those commuters will thank him one

1826 In the first recorded use of gas lighting in Oz, Pitt St, Sydney shopkeeper J.T Wilson blinded his rivals, and the general public, when he installed it in his shop.

Donald Duck the racehorse was born with an extra leg, that was removed shortly after birth. The horse then went on to win several big purse races in Ipswich, Qld, in the early 1940's.

1886 The Shearer's Union was formed during a meeting that was a tad more than tea and scones at Fern's Hotel in Ballarat.

Oz Slanguage-
Spittin' chips! = to convey just how extremely angry and/or frustrated one is.

1902 They knew when they were beaten, those men, so the Commonwealth Franchise Act came into force, which gave all the females of the species the right to vote in federal elections. Except those gals who were aboriginal....or from any of the Pacific Islands....or Asia...or Africa...

Six Degrees of Separation Of Skippy-
Skippy - Transformers.
Tony Bonner starred as that spunky blonde helicopter pilot Jerry in the Skippy series-
Tony Bonner then went on to have the part of M.W.J Bourchier in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles-
which is a spin-off from the original Indiana Jones movies-
and which the last one starred Shia LaBeouf-
who also starred in Transformers.

2004 A 4,600 million year old, 1.3 kg meteorite saw Phil and Brenda Archer's lights on in their Ellerslie, NZ, house so it dropped in to surprise them. Not a very house-trained meteorite, it managed to destroy a perfectly good leather sofa. It shan't be invited back for seconds!

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Always have The Spouse clone ready and waiting in the kitchen with a delicious hot meal ready to be served the moment you walk in from a hard day traipsing about the museum.


  1. hi feral beast,
    sorry i haven't been on lately, year 8 homework and assignments that i haven't been doing has been getting in the way!
    as you should know my cats name is feral, or fez.
    hope you enjoyed the museum and scared lots of people on the train with your knowledge.
    Sam is still the same old fat "interestingly" behaved pony.
    say hi to jayne from mum, particularly enjoyed "the girl stuff meme" post, espesially the nails bit.

  2. Love the Melbourne Museum, I'm hoping to revisit in school holidays. Sounds like a fantastic day.

  3. I was reading recently the poor old Murray Cod is in a spot of bother. :(

  4. Hi Freakyfingers, good to hear you're keeping your homework up to date lol :P

    It was, Bettina ;)

    It's always a great time there, Marita :)

    Their taxidermied Murray Cod looked pretty stuffed, Anja :P

  5. Lol, I always used to fantasize about being locked in The Museum overnight. What fun. I'm going again soon.