Monday, June 23, 2008

Trivial History June 23

A waxing and waning day of cloud cover with the occasional peek-a-boo from the sun has seen us frolicking in very short bursts about the backyard.
Cabbage the chook has managed to lay 2 eggs in 3 days, which is 2 eggs more than she's laid in the past 7 months. Beatrice, the other chook, has managed to remain looking elegant and superior as she struts about deigning to devour the odd worm or grassy tuft, with not an egg in site.
We estimate she'd be at least 2 - 2.5 hours roasting in a slow oven...but she glares at us whenever we mention gravy smile

Nursing Story #2
A kind relative had donated real poinsettias for all the dining tables one Christmas at a nursing home.
One afternoon we noticed the plants were looking a bit frayed and moth eaten.
Following them around we came upon our stripper resident, D, who was busy ripping the leaves off and munching on them.
Looking us right in the eye she said,
"Sack the cook. This salad is as dry as a chip."

1810 Gov Lachlan Macquarie had wont to send an email...but lacking the necessary pigeons to hold the horse hairs together to make contact with the interwebs, Macquarie instead opened the first Aussie post office, at Circular Quay.

A jury that was locked away to consider a verdict at the end of a trial in 1950 began to scratch their heads, but not in indecision.
Bird lice had infested the room and the jury had to be moved to other rooms whilst the insect sprays were blasted about.

1862 Cobb & Co began writing themselves into Aussie history with their coach service galloping about NSW from their headquarters in Bathurst.

Oz Slanguage-
Jimmy Britts = rhyming slang for shytes.
IE " All politicians give me the Jimmy Britts."

1937 A polio epidemic swept across the nation although it was most severe in Victoria and did not abate until March 1938.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Tea bags and coffee grounds will liven up your compost heap in no time; the worms will duck dive into the black squidgy mess and turn it into delightful soil.

1976 QE II splashed out 700,000 pounds on her female offspring, Princess Anne, for a former lunatic asylum.
Yep, pretty much sums that lot up quite nicely!

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Steve McQueen.
Red Moore appeared in 2 episodes of Skippy and also in the movie They're A Weird Mob.
Chips Rafferty was in the same movie as character Harry Kelly.
Chips also appeared in the movie Eureka Stockade with Brit actor Gordon Jackson.
Gordon Jackson was in the movie The Great Escape.
Which starred Steve McQueen.

1979 Not wanting to rush these sort of things, Sydney's Eastern suburbs railway was finally opened, having only been planned for a short while - since the 1870's.
Which means the Victorian railway won't be extended till sometime in 2110.

Oz Etty Kit-
RSVP to party/dinner invites when asked.
It's less painful to simply ring and give your reply than to sit through at least an hour of a manners lecture from someone's Great Aunt Mildred.
And you might garner a repeat invite in the future following your polite policy.

1987 The Little Aussie Weeper aka PM Bob Hawke vainly promised that "by 1990 there will be no Australian child living in poverty".
Hey, Princess Anne, you got room for Bob in there?

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Take 1 tin of salmon - red or pink - drain and vitamise.
Toss into a bowl with salad dressing of choice, herbs, spices and finely chopped celery.
Mix till you have a thick consistency.
Dollop into greased round moulds and set in the fridge for a minimum of 2 hours.
Flip out of the moulds onto a bed of salad and serve with a light sprinkling of cracked pepper (optional)


  1. "Oz Slanguage-
    Jimmy Britts = rhyming slang for shytes."

    Brit Speak-
    Skippy the kangaroo f***er = non-rhyming slang for Australian xenophobia.

  2. Goodness Brian, I didn't realise you held Princess Anne in such high esteem! :P

  3. Oh my on the recipe Jayne - I know who NOT to ask to bring a plate!!

    In regards to rhyming slang, I am shacked up with a "Seppo" - and he manages to laugh at the rhymping slang...

  4. Princess Anne is my favourite royal...mainly because you never see her horsey old face on the telly these days.

  5. LOL Jeanie ;)

    Yes Brian, are the rumours true and she's lying low until the werewolf curse wears off?
    Is it just another bad dose of botox again?:P

  6. It'd take more than a bad dose of Botox...or even a severe case of werewolfitus...before that particular princess could be considered fairy tale.