Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trivial History June 26

Another gloriously wet, windy and wild day to encourage those not carrying a ship's anchor about their person to stay indoors where they're least likely to be blown off over the horizon.

Nursing Story #5 (Warning: a bit squeamish inducing).
While at a small country hospital all the nursing staff were expected to work shifts in local District Nursing.
I set off one day with a young, newly-graduated nurse and began our home visits.
Many of the patients, at that time, were leg ulcer sufferers due to poor diet, poor hygiene and the fact some lived in little more than tin sheds.
Many hadn't paid council rates in decades and few, if any, had any services connected.
Our first visit, however, was to a stunningly beautiful Victorian brick double story home - that was filled to the rafters with rubbish the inhabitants collected.
The newly-minted nurse insisted on changing the dressing herself, gloving up and flinching only slightly when the stench of the suppurating sore reached her (reached her? Heck I think it reached them on the other side of the world!).
As the adhesive dressing kept sticking to her gloves she automatically removed them.
Bad move.
Even the gentle pressure she applied to the dressing broke the fine covering on the wound and it was everywhere.
She began to frantically look around for a tap to wash her hands when I helpfully pointed out that the nearest tap was on the nature strip about 1-2 blocks up the road.
I did suggest, later, she should enter for the Olympics as she'd have won a gold medal for certain the way she hurdled the small front fence and shot off up the street.
She wasn't impressed.

Watch out for the Echidna Lurve Trains . Just click the link, it says it all, really.

1284 That woodwind maestro, the Pied Piper, led the adults of Hamelin up the garden path while leading their offspring away to a cave, for failure to pay an invoice within the agreed 30 day grace period, despite warnings of seizure of goods to the value of said invoice.
Proving that rats and rug rats are really interchangeable.

Mrs Emma Bartley, of Moyhu, Victoria, was able to boast of having entertained the bushranger Ned Kelly and 2 policemen at the same time.
During a wake, being held in Mrs Bartley's home, for another bushranger and while two exhausted policemen slept in the back lean-to, Ned Kelly called in and joined in the drinking in the lounge.

1839 Legendary hat-pin weapons master, Emma Miller , was hatched on this day.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
When wiping down bathroom tiles, sprinkle a little lavender oil (or favoured oil of choice) on a damp cloth to leave a refreshing scent.

1880 Joe Byrne, member of the Kelly Gang, was a tad miffed at Aaron Sherritt for tattling to the police.
So he shot him.

Oz Slanguage-
As slow as a wet week = describing someone who is moving too slowly for your liking. Saying comes from the little work a shop keeper would have during a wet weather week.

1883 A legendary stalwart saving many at every drink and drug fuelled crazed rave party, St John Ambulance Association was formed in Melbourne today...although the party goers were a little more sedate back in that day.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Felicity Kendal.
Colin Croft played a character named Beazley for 2 episodes in the Skippy series.
He had also appeared in the long running British series The Adventures of Robin Hood.
In which Yes, Prime Minister star Paul Eddington also appeared.
And who later acted in the TV series The Good Life opposite Felicity Kendal.

1998 Trec Smith, a pilot minding his own business happened to glance out his window and found the Marree Man, the world's largest geoglyph, in South Oz.


  1. No wonder she used a hat pin. That was some hat.

  2. that is very interesting about the Marree man .Mysterious.
    I have been to Marree and William Creek - it back then has the most expensive petrol we had ever come across.

    LOL at the poor nurse.As an 18 -19yr old I got areal culture shock doing community nurse visits too as a student nurse.

  3. "Another gloriously wet, windy and wild day..."

    It's all these home-grown vegetables you've been eating.

  4. Ahhh but it was what she used the hat pin on, in 1912, that makes me giggle, Evyl :P

    Yep, Trish, never been a proper answer of who made Marree Man.
    LOL The look on her face was priceless!

    Tosh, Brian. Next you'll try to tell me those tonnes of lolly snakes I've been scoffing will put lard on my hips... :P

  5. Had to laugh, that's exactly what our weather is like here today.