Friday, June 27, 2008

Trivial History June 27

A lovely day to be out and about, exploring local parks, streams and other places where the wild-life op shops razz

Nursing Story #6
A mum and her daughter with cerebral palsy were on the District Nursing rounds.
When the woman married her hubby, he still lived at home with his parents and siblings on the 900 acre farm they all worked together.
As the years passed the siblings got married and moved out to places of their own but not this couple; hubby was the youngest of the family and especially close to his parents.
The wife was getting desperate; she wanted her own space with freedom to decorate, sing if she wanted, have friends visit and generally do as she pleased. She couldn't do anything she wanted while living with her mother-in-law; in fact she couldn't do anything right in her mother-in-law's eyes and they were getting on each other's nerves.
After begging for years her hubby finally relented but promised it would be surprise.
He chose the new house-site -remember they had 900 acres- and organised everything ; a complete removed house, electrician, plumber, the works.
The wife had to take their little girl to the city for more extensive tests so she was away for almost 2 months with hubby ringing to give her updates and consult on paint colours.
The day arrived when she could bring their little girl home from hospital and the wife was bursting with excitement to think she'd be sleeping under her own roof that night, away from her mother-in-law's critical gaze.
When she pulled into the drive-way she began to get a sinking feeling.
Right behind the in-laws house, in the old house paddock, was her new home.
Barely 10 metres away.
With a covered walk-way linking the 2 houses together.

But everyone is happy now.
She and the little girl live in the new house, hubby still lives with his parents and there is a barbed wire fence stretched right across the middle of the covered

1880 Ned Kelly and his bushranging cohorts were in such a rapture of the interior decor of the Glenrowan Hotel that they decided to occupy it.

During a bush soccer match in the early 1900's between station handa and a team of barefoot Aborigines, in Qld, the ball exploded as it had been pierced through the leather and bladder by a toenail of one of the barefooted players.
While a new ball was being searched for the talon-toed player had his toenail shortened with a garden sickle.

1927 When the Duke and Duchess of York finally got home after their tour of Or-stray-lia they had 3 tons of gifts for their little girl, Elizabeth. Bet that copped them a fair fine for over-weight luggage!

Oz Slanguage-
Darling shower = dust storm, referring to the dryness of the Darling River and surrounds.

1967 Enfield, in London, hosted the world's very first Automatic Teller Machine aka "that bloody thieving hole in the wall".

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Quentin Tarantino.
Slim DeGrey appeared in 2 episodes of Skippy.
He then appeared in the cult Aussie biker movie Stone.
Kem Shorter appeared in the title role of the movie as Stone.
Ken Shorter will appear, as himself, in a new movie still in production titled Not Quite Hollywood.
In which Quentin Tarantino also appears.

1971 Here's one for Daniel that I pulled out of the box...they finally rolled up their sleeves and started work on Melbourne's underground railway system....the workers, that is, not the dilly-dallying politicians.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Pour a whiskey.
Grab 2 large steaks.
Drink the whiskey.
Throw the steaks in a pan.
Pour another whiskey.
Throw cracked pepper and chopped onions in the pan.
Drink the whiskey.
Put spuds on to steam.
Pour another whiskey.
Remember to light gas under pan.
Drink whiskey.
Turn off gas under steak, grab bottle and head for bed - they can get their own damn dinner razz


  1. 1971 eh? And it only took them 14 years to finish it!

  2. LOL, that MIL story is great!
    Also: LOVED the six degrees of Skippy.

  3. You don't want to rush these things, Daniel!

    Thanks Tiff :)