Sunday, June 29, 2008

Trivial History June 29

Tis a wild and windy Sunday - yes, Brian, we were into the cabbages for dinner last night - so toss the washing on the lines, boys and girls, and go for a romp in the wickedly windy Winter weather!

Not much trivial history today; the mundane was especially mundane, dry as dust and so damn boring you'd have fallen asleep on your keyboard before the 3rd entry.
So, I took mercy on you and savagely culled the list.

Nursing Story #8
One nursing home I worked at was very strict on the residents having a proper night's sleep and forebade night staff from disturbing them unnecessarily.
Unfortunately one male nightshift nurse took this to mean he was allowed to literally put his feet up and sleep the night away, while the other nurse shouldered his share of the work.
A recent arrival among the residents was a lovely old chap who was a typical sundowner's sufferer - the moment the afternoon shadows began to get long he'd change like a switch was pressed and become an agitated but silent walker who'd creep up on staff and make them jump after poking them with a finger and whispering "Boo!".
One day an agency nurse had somehow mixed up the pre-packed dispensed medications and this chap spent the whole day snoring his little heart out, tucked up tight in bed.
Night staff came on, received a hand over and the male nurse went into his usual routine - reclining arm-chair pulled up to the heater, foot rest extended, pillow and rug arranged just so and, without a word to his co-worker, he was off in the land of nod.
But not for long.
The other nurse was doing a security round when she heard the most blood-curdling screams from the sitting room and when she arrived, she told us the next morning, the male nurse had almost climbed the back of the reclining arm-chair and the curtains behind in his fright.
The old chap had woken up and, deciding his daily wanderings were well over-due, had crept silently up to the arm-chair, put his face barely an inch from the nurse's face, poked him and whispered "Boo!".
That nurse never slept on night duty again, for some reason.

1754 Marie Louise Girardin was pupped, a cross-dressing French lass who, disguised as a bloke, served as a ship's steward with the French expedition of d'Entrecasteaux and was probably the very first European sheila to set foot on the Apple Isle of Tassie.

63 yr old William Cluff rowed a boat down 4 Aussie rivers.
The journey, from the Qld border to Narrandera, Victoria, covering the Namoi, Darling, Murray and Murrumbidgee rivers, took him 3 years.

1888 Born 8 years after Ned Kelly was captured in his great snubbing of the law at Glenrowan, infamous Melbourne gangster Squizzy Taylor was spawned.

Oz Slanguage-
Molly the monk = drunk; rhyming slang.

1900 Author of that famous wonderful book, The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint Exupery was born.
No, he wasn't an Aussie, I just like his book.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy-David Cassidy (or Danny Bonaduce if you're too young to have swooned over David!).
John Armstrong appeared in 2 episodes of Skippy and in several episodes of the TV series Whiplash.
Stuart Wagstaff was also in Whiplash, and in 1973 he appeared in an episode of The Partridge Family.
Which starred that spunkalicious * insert name of preference* David Cassidy and/ or Danny Bonaduce.


  1. Your nursing story for today and me in hysterical laughter. :Grin:

    Thank you for the giggle.

  2. You're welcome, Marita.
    It had us crying with laughter for weeks afterwards!

  3. bwaaaaa haaaaa haaaaaaa! Arsehat deserved it. I am wondering if there was actually a mix up or perhaps payback.

  4. "Author of that famous wonderful book, The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint Exupery was born."

    One of my favourite books as a kid. 'He fell as silently as a tree falls...' Amazing what sticks in your head, isn't it?

  5. Hi Jayne. I am still alive. Back next week. Missing you. Andrew.

  6. "In one of the stars I shall be living
    In one of them I shall be laughing
    And so it will be
    As if all the stars were laughing
    When you look at the sky at night"

    I always think of my son when I read that.

  7. Nah, twas divine intervention when She was looking, Kelley ;)

    Yes, Brian :P

    Andrew, you must be chained in a dungeon if you're missing this mad old cow :P Can't wait to hear the goss and tattles!

    A beautiful thought to hold close, Jen.

  8. I loved your nursing story - met my fair share of sleeping night shift nurses too.He so deserved it.

    I swooned over David Partridge *lub dub* and his Hardy Boy Brother but Danny Bonaduce never ;)

  9. Thanks Trish. Yep there's still snoozing ones around.
    Loved David Cassidy myself, couldn't see the attraction for Danny, yerk!

  10. I love the rhyming slang - more more please :-)

  11. I love the rhyming slang - more more please :-)