Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Trivial History June 3

I dreamt all night of a thick, creamy chocolate frog...
And awoke to a thick, creamy pea souper fog.

Tis the Feast Day of St Wyllow who was a Cornish hermit who was beheaded but managed to carry his head half a mile further on his travels.

1790 Hats were thrown into the air in jubilation when the Lady Juliana parked it's prow in Port Jackson with her cargo of 221 female convicts and 11 kiddies.

An Assistant Chief Constable Skinner, whilst in lone pursuit of bushrangers ended up seriously injured in hospital...but the outlaws had nought to do with it.
When Skinner was walking along the verandah of a house near Sydney he fell head first into the open cellar door.

1837 Even more hats were tossed with frivolity when Busby's Bore was finally finished and began supplying Sydney with fresh drinking water.

1837 Busselton, in Westralia, was declared a pretty good looking town site and they started flogging off the bush blocks. Some hats may have been air-borne.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
When washing shower curtains, make sure you throw some old towels or face washers in as well, to rub against the soapy scum and grotty bits that have built up on the curtains. Don't bother hanging them outside, just hang them straight back up in the bathroom.

1872 QLD's National Bank opened it's doors, and customers pockets, for business. Only the manager's head-wear was sighted amongst the clouds.

1929 Fremantle was finally upgraded from town to city status. Not many could even afford a hat to fling heavenwards.

Oz Slanguage -
I hope your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny door down = an old Aussie curse.

1984 You think the locals were excited?! You should have seen the railway when the Sydney to Newcastle iron road when it was finally electrified! Yo, dude, we aint chuckin' our back-to-front baseball caps at no train that got wired up....we is too busy tryin' to hold up our huge baggy but fashionable pants that keep fallin' down and exposin' our stunning selection of jocks to all and sundry.

Oz Etty Kit-
There remains a fierce rivalry between the states of Oz but passing a complimentary remark about the team/sport of the state you're currently in might not only ensure you in the local's good books but might save your hide the next time you forget it's your shout wink


  1. Bwaaa ha ha! I'm laughing at the homey boys holding up their baggy pants. My um-son-in-law used to be a homey dude sporting the perilous combination of baggy jeans and silky boxer shorts and one day he was kind enough to regale us with the tale of his trousers falling down at a train station earlier that day. Laugh! He thought it was moderately funny. I disagreed.

  2. I think Aunt Hezi needs to put out a book.

  3. Why, why and why do they do that? (The baggy pants, I mean) The average teenage boy looks like enough of a dag to start with; why add to it?

  4. LMAO Hilary!

    She'd need to find her reading glasses that are always hidden on the end of her nose, Nikki :P

    No idea Omni, perhaps they really do need their mothers to continue dressing them ;)