Monday, June 30, 2008

Trivial History June 30

Another wild, windy day to keep sensible bodies indoors and crocheting warm, comfy blankets.
Well, that's my grand plan for the day, at any rate!

Nursing Story #9
One evening in the emergency dept of a tiny country hospital an off-duty nurse we all knew well brought in her hubby.
Trying not to smirk too much, she quietly told us the trouble; apparently hubby was nailing new lining boards to the ceiling of their home whilst holding nails in his mouth.
The previous day she'd bought him a nail bag to stop this habit but he, foolishly, tossed the bag aside, calling it a waste of money.
That evening hubby was on the scaffolding, nailing above his head with several nails in his mouth when he swallowed one.
The wife immediately said "I told you so" and drove him in to the hospital.
Embarrassed he'd pleaded with her not to tell anyone the story of the nail bag, so we agreed to keep quiet about it.
Smothering our laughter we rounded up the evening on-call doctor who, after examining the bloke referred him for an x-ray upstairs, with the parting observation,
"A nail bag is a safer place to store nails in you know."
The radiologist shot all his pictures of the patient, commenting from behind his safety screen,
"You should use a nail bag, mate."
A mutual friend of the couple was in visiting his sister and, after asking what the trouble was, remarked,
"Geeze I've always used a nail bag. It's the only smart thing to do."
2 hours later the night shift on-call doctor came in to review the x-rays and, finding that the nail was travelling flat-head first through the man, considered it just called for a few quiet days resting at home.
But his final stern advice was,
"In future I suggest you observe proper safety precautions and use a nail bag, and not your mouth, to hold your nails!"
The man got the message and the nail bag from the rubbish bin!

1837 The British Parliament banned the use of that family fun game, the pillory.

1861 A nasty little incident in Oz history happened when greedy miners attacked the Chinese tent city on the rich Lambing Flat goldfields and drove them off; thankfully no deaths occurred and 3 of the ring leaders were arrested in the following fortnight.

At the wheel of his 1968 Holden Kingswood Barry Stewart drove backwards over a distance of 570 miles in 24 hours and 17 mins at Broadbeach,Qld, in 1980. Because he could.

1922 Mongrels in the Industrial Court of Appeal rejected the concept of equal pay for women.

1934 The Commonwealth rejected West Oz's attempt at secession from the rest of the island. Which is just as well, as the West Oz booming economy is the only thing keeping the rest of this island going, at the moment.

Oz Slanguage-
Hair like a bush pig's arse = to describe wild, unkempt hair on a person.

1942 Widowed women could stop considering a career in their local knock shop when the Commonwealth introduced the Widow's Pension.

1971 The very final Aussie anti-Vietnam war rally saw 110,000 people in all Aussie cities protesting for the last time against the war. Just a pity they couldn't drag their sorry arses out to give our boys the welcome home they deserved.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
(Just to tickle Lord Sedgwick's fancy).
Skippy - Frankie Howerd.
John Meillon appeared in several episodes of Skippy.
He also appeared in the brilliant 1985 Aussie movie The Dunera Boys.
In which Warren Mitchell also appeared.
Who was also credited for his role in The Frankie Howerd show in 1969.
Which was hosted by Frankie Howerd.

1999 Tim Fischer retired as leader of the National Party due to "family demands" and gained a lot of respect from people when it was realised he'd given up his career for his autistic son and admitted to probably having mild autism himself.


  1. To go with your wild hair saying, around here the sages advise, 'Never cultivate anything on your face that grows wild on your ass.'

  2. love the aussie slang quotes you post

    thanks for stopping by my place:)

  3. "1837 The British Parliament banned the use of that family fun game, the pillory."

    Except, of course, for use in personal entertainment (especially for m.p.s, judges and members of the royal family).

  4. LOL Love that one Evyl ;)

    Thanks Mumma and you're welcome :)

    I know I'll be sorry for asking but....M.P.S stands for what, Brian ?