Thursday, June 5, 2008

Trivial History June 5

So who's been popping off to the Greek Isles on a yacht of late, leaving us sad and sorry rate payers to stump up the massive housing rate increase, while defense force head honchos finally realised their blunder and apologised to Tania Zaetta.

1788 All the cattle did a bunk from the settlement, leaving the colony without fresh milk, cheese, chops, the Sunday roast and manure for the Moo Poo Tea.

1791 Mary Bryant's nicking-off-from-the-colony convict party reached Timor where they posed as survivors of a shipwreck...but without Gilligan.

A rabbit hunter who was bitten by a deadly Tiger snake in the Victoria bush in 1948 had no knife to cut the poison out nor anything with which to make a tourniquet, so he opted for radical surgery - and shot half of his leg off.
And survived.

1811 George Johnston, who led the Rum Rebellion against poor old Billy Bligh, was found guilty of mutiny, cashiered from the army but allowed to return his sad and sorry self to NSW. Macarthur, the other major trouble-maker of the plot, was ordered to park his sad and sorry self in England for awhile.

1819 Macquarie chaired a public meeting where it was decided to open a savings bank rather than a cake stall, as was first suggested by the colony cooks.

Oz Slanguage -
Verandah above the toy shop = an overly large male (beer) gut.

1870 Jeannie Taylor, who became better known as Mrs. Aeneas Gunn, was found in the Bunyip patch. She authored the well-known books We of The Never Never and The Little Black Princess but perhaps her last work that was also her greatest labour of love should be better known to all, My Boys - A Book of Remembrance; which details "her boys" (servicemen of WW1 from Monbulk) whom she tirelessly worked for, and the Monbulk RSL, before, during and for long after the war. The book was finally published in 2000.

1909 Steam trams began plying their trade in Brisvegas. Toot Toot!

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
For those hard to reach areas when you don't have a special cobweb brush, get a long wooden stick and tie an old sock to the end. This will do the same job and leave your ceiling corners free of cobwebs and dust.

2002 Wonderfully talented, and seriously over-looked and under-rated Aussie female performer, Gwen Plumb exited stage left.


  1. I have no tourniquet nor gun. I just ate a bag of jelly snakes.

    Am I doomed? Or just on a MASSIVE sugar high?

  2. Cheeky!
    Kelley, I need those jeely snakes! Cough them up!

  3. Moo poo tea? Is that the same manufacturer as the horse sh*t coffee they serve in our local cafe?

  4. I loved We of the Never Never.

    LOL at Kelley - that guy was crazy but clever - ouch !

    who cleans cobwebs .. spiders are good

  5. Dunno, but I hope you saved the green snakes for moi :P

    LOL Tiff.

    Most probably, Brian...and probably from the same cow, too :P

    Spiders are nice long as they don't come down the wall to ogle me too closely, Trish!