Saturday, June 7, 2008

Trivial History June 7

Learn about your contours whilst prancing about a field in medieval clothing with Brian and his dumpy level...with the odd sheep, bull and bacon butty thrown in for good measure!

Tis Foundation Day in Westralia, since the colony was founded on this date in 1838.

1813 Sir Redmond Barry, the hanging judge who sentenced Ned Kelly, was spawned.

1825 The large island of Van Diemen's Land (Tassie) was cut off from the mainland (again) and deemed to be a separate colony from NSW.

Upon bringing home his younger son from the long trip to the doctor after the lad had broken his arm in March 1922, Mr. G Thomas of Wellington, NSW found his other son waiting for a trip to the doctor too...with a broken arm.

1872 Women proved to be the equal of men in racism when the gals of Clunes attacked all the Chinese miners and drove them out of town.

1887 The Working Man's College (now known as RMIT) began imparting it's collective knowledge to the working men of Melbourne.

Oz Slanguage-
Wouldn't know his arse from his elbow = an insult inferring that the person is stupid.

1942 Japanese subs shelled Newcastle and Sydney.

1943 Household drapery was rationed, along with the curtains to twitch whilst gobbling a sanga dripping with creamy butter, ye gads!

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
To make meat go that little bit further, cook at least 7 different vegies and serve with a smaller piece of meat; with the extra vegies of varying tastes and textures diners won't always realise the cut of meat is smaller than usual.

1998 Susie Maroney made like a fish and splashed her way from Mexico to Cuba; the longest distance to be swum in the open sea without a flipper (or can of tuna) in sight.

Oz Etty Kit-
Don't attempt to speak like an Aussie - you'll be met with blank stares and derision.
But if you really, absolutely can't help yourself and must try to imitate the local lingo, always hold your back teeth closed when pronouncing words - it will help us understand what you're trying to say and keep the blowflies out of your gullet.


  1. where do you find all this stuff? And where can I find out more about the broken arms saga?

    By the way, its also the day I advised you that you have been tagged for a meme!!

  2. I've had that, but not with broken arms, with cut chins. Just got back from casualty with one kid and the other one did the same damn thing. sigh.

  3. "...with the odd sheep."

    And trust me, the sheep round these parts are extremely odd.

  4. I've been doing the experiment and I promise, you can't hold your back teeth closed and open the rest. With teeth its all or nothing.

  5. Found you thanks to jeanie.

    enjoying myself thanks

  6. ROFL !!!!!! Love todays.

    And I do what Aunt Hepi does with meat too. Especially now with the crockpot and winter.

  7. I've got stacks of old books with the weird and wonderful in them Jeanie.

    Kids will always find a way to keep us on our toes, Bettina!

    Ahhh and here I thought it was just our local sheep that preferred indoor plumbing and hot water laid on!

    LOL Hilary! But you didn't get any blowies down your throat, did you ? :P

    Thanks Elizabeth :)

    Thanks WS ;)
    Yep, works out more filling, healthier and cheaper...gotta love winter for those stick to the ribs kinda meals ;)