Monday, July 28, 2008

Don't look now but there's an WOFTAO on the net....

I'm a tad amused at the moment, in a "OMG there's a dropkick in charge of a keyboard, somewhere!" kinda way.
Some paranoid half-wit, who we shall see cannot interpret the use of the internet correctly, has demanded through another person that I not visit her blog because...someone in Australia Googled her blog and she's getting spam!!!!!!
*Cue horror music.*
Mz Dipshit, as I stumbled over your blog by accident from the comments you left on another blog, and I left only 2 polite comments on my 2 visits, I shall gladly steer my attentions to other blogs far more worthier of my time, than your nauseous drivel.
As much as you would like to think you've hidden your precious little blog, Google (and other search engines) crawl your blog pages on a regular basis with the result that, Lo and Behold!
Your blog appears in search results!
How are you going to control that, short of deleting your whole blog, you stupid girl? But that would defeat the purpose of getting people's comments to massage your over-inflated ego, now wouldn't it?
And leaving your comments on other blogs does, surprise, surprise, link back to your blog.
Mz Arsehat, your emails to me were marked as phishing spam which I had to unblock in my email client.
Do you understand what that means at all? Go look it up, moron, it's beyond time you educated yourself.
Myself, and countless thousands of others online, receive spam on a regular basis. Not from so-called enemies (who actually only exist in your paranoid little fucked up world) but from dickheads trying to get personal details, bank account info, send virus', you-name-it, etc.
Mz Shit-For-Brains, you demand that I cease and desist darkening your blog yet you seem unable to drag yourself away from my blog. Glad to know I fascinate you!
Does Auckland City Council know that they pay for you to post, moderate and reply to comments on your blog, visit other blogs numerous times throughout the day, on their own computers, when you're supposed to be working? I'm sure the rate payers would love to know how their hard earned money is being spent!
Does your mate at Bay City Communications inform his boss of his non-work net efforts, too?
*Oh look, you've been back to my blog, AGAIN, today but you managed to find your own computer this time!
I would, from a professional point of view, suggest you get yourself into therapy immediately as your unhealthy obsession with 1 person, coupled with your paranoia, vindictive behaviour and, let's face it, Toots, sheer stupidity on how the net works, has left you a vulnerable, niave and barely-functioning being who's connection with reality is growing ever tentative.
And because you're a WOFTAO = a waste of fucking time and oxygen.


  1. *sigh*

    you know if she had half a brain she'd be dangerous.

    Now, I wonder how long it will take for her to get her *perfect* husband to email us all to tell us how horrible we are being to his *ahem* innocent wife

    *rolls eyes*

  2. heh. The polite acronym way of saying it is "PEBCAK" (Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard).

    If one wants to avoid getting one's web pages into Google etc, there is a way of doing it which is documented here.

  3. Then she'd definitely need to be chained up for the safety of the public, Bettina :P

    Thanks Daniel, I'll use that when I want to polite ;)

  4. Whoopsy, I was hanging around in another account. Silly me.

    Careful Jayne. You'll find something rather rabbit like in your crock pot, if you know what I mean.

  5. OMG has the world gone crazy?!?!?!?

  6. LMFAO Anja.
    Shit, ya mean the pissy WOFTAO needs a good dose of myxomatosis ?

    No Tiff, don't panic, just one half-wit who was let loose on a computer in NZ ;)

  7. Anja also said -
    Bahahahaha... I could add more from what Bettina said, but mummy told me to never use words like that. Also, WOFTAO doesn't like wee wee and poo poo words. She's far too intelligent for gutter language.

  8. Did I pick up a subtle hint that you have a problem with her? Love Daniel's PEBCAK.

  9. The internets have become a very strange place today full of mysterious blog entries.

  10. Daniel's PEBCAK is a classic, Andrew lol.
    Only problem I have with the arsehat is that she's an idiot flinging lies around, slandering and defaming myself and others.
    I have proof to back up my claims of innocence, I'd love to see what proof she's got to bring to the table ;)

    There's some strange people running amok at the moment, Marita lol ;)

  11. Steady there Jayne...that vein in your temple's starting to throb a bit too violently for safety.

  12. Bloody well said! There's some fuckwits around aren't there? They out themself out there for all and sundry and expect they're not going to collect crap like the rest of us?
    FFS! I'm must be getting old and cranky i think, my immediate response to this type of halfwit is to suggest they send whatever is left rattling around their freaking head to go look for whatever pea size brain they have.

  13. LOL Brian, twas the stomach ulcer she set off more than the vein :P

    Thanks, Mo :)
    Whatever is rattling around in her head isn't firing the synapses lol.

  14. My sympathies Jayne.

    How do people get that confused? Seriously.

  15. Bwaaaaa haaaaa haaaaaaaa!!!!!

    You are teh awesome.

    Perhaps we should get our manky little trolls together in a box and tape up the air holes?

    Is it who I think it is?

  16. LiD, I think it's a deliberate confusion to further her cause ;)

    Smother them in their ant colony, Kelley?
    Sounds like a plan lol.
    I think it is who you think it is ;)

  17. Holy crap.

    What is going on?

    I don't even know if I want to know.

    Blog drama.


  18. LMAO! You got me laffing at the whole idea of her sprouting. I love the PEBCAK! It is very appropriate. you hang in there and keep up the good fight!

  19. Having read this I'm almost certain it is because of YOU that I get spam on my blog regrdless of the fact I don't believe you have ever been there. So please visit my blog and clear this matter up immediatly.
    Just kidding, I know why I get spam and it has to do with but one word...

  20. Hey Dina, just an idiot,don't worry ;)

    Thanks Linda, I will :)

    LMAO Ozymandiaz! I shall obey immediately, good sir lol :P

  21. Great rant.

    BTW, I love spam. It gives me great post ideas.

  22. Thanks Evyl :)
    I don't mind some of the "I'm a Nigerian princess and I want to marry you to escape my nasty mother who is making me sew scrap metal together to make my own computer. Send money now for my bridal gown!" kinda spam, is good for a giggle ;)

  23. Geez Louise??!!! She hit you too?? Oh - hang on - I visit her blog on teh odd occasion to see if there is anything semi akin to day time drama on it. Never is. Does that mean I'm stalking her?? Maybe I should start sending some spam.

    I tell you - I just get madder and madder and madder at the logic behind this one. Cos she does the blog hopping linky thing all over the place too - but I guess she's the only one, right??

  24. Why doesn't she have word verification on if she's getting spam? I'm so happy to get comments I've been known to be polite to spam.
    Brilliant idea, why don't we send RH over to visit or is that much too evil?

  25. Kelly - There's logic? Of some description? You're better than me coz I couldn't find it :P

    Jahteh, I think it would be too evil to inflict this idiot on RH lol ;)