Friday, July 4, 2008

The Growing Challenge 11 and Waffles

Been trying to get FB to update his blog but he's been glued to both his books and the fun programs on Discovery Science you get another dose of me.
Oh stop it, there's no need to run screaming from the blog....yet.
Well I'm officially addicted to cabbage soup despite the fact I haven't shifted an ounce.
The exercise bike is out of bounds as the seat is wonky and my arse is already 3 axe-handles wide without something going up the wazoo and making it even wider.
Walking...that's the thing I do occasionally with the limbs below my waist, isn't it?
Well, yes, I walk...from the computer to the kitchen and back. That counts, doesn't it?
I tried passively burning the fat by sitting in the cold without the heater on but the chattering of my teeth was too loud to even think ( yes, I do that sometimes).so I threw on a jumper and wandered out to the vegie garden.
The spuds are sprouting up above the soil nicely and the cauliflowers are starting to recover from the possum mafia's munchy attack.
 I cleared out the sad beans and replaced them with celery, cabbage and broccoli seedlings, while shoving some spring onions, fennel and another (advanced) celery plant over in an empty corner.
The garlic is shooting madly, if it doesn't develop into bulbs I can still use the shoots for cooking.
Weeded and mulched around all the seedlings, gave them a hearty drink of the Moo Poo tea, while The Spouse has finally attached the chook wire to the re-vamped vegie box we moved from FB's dig.
We're planning another spud crop in this particular space, so we have continual crops growing as we harvest each vegie.
Several broccoli have started developing some gorgeous heads on them - not quite as gorgeous as David Tennant but we live with what we can grow.
Year before last I grew a broccoli head that weighed 1.7 kgs - it was so full of those wriggly green caterpillers I think there was only 250gms that was vegie weight.
I'm thinking of planting some red cabbage seedlings, coz we all know red cabbages go
Wandering around the yard just now I re-discovered the meaning of embarrassment -
Hearing an unusual bird call and imitating it with my own whistle I was most pleased to hear it reply!
So I kept whistling and the unusual bird kept replying.
Until the creepy neighbour over the back fence and I realised we were whistling to each other.


  1. Those caterpillars actually taste like broccoli.. (hehehehe dont ask...)

    We cant grow anything in the vegie garden at the moment.
    The wallabies were just nailing us. Then I felt so sorry for them because of the drought that I have left the gate open so they can really clean up. We will have to re-fence the vegie patch before spring though, so that they don't eat my currants and josta berries etc.

    cheers Kim

  2. "The garlic is shooting madly."

    You should know better than to arm vegetables. If you're not careful they end up invading Iraq.

  3. LOL Kim!
    I've been hankering after currants but I don't think I've got the space.
    Can't beat a wallaby for cleaning up ;)

    Pfft! My vegetables are scared of oil...and frying pans :P

  4. LOL. That whistle story is classic.

    Totally something that would happen to me.

  5. You do make me laugh.
    axe-handles wide .. I'll have to remember that

  6. Thanks Dina, I don't feel so silly now lol.

    Thanks Elizabeth, it's a good rule of thumb measurement ;)

  7. That wasn't whistlng,
    It was an Indian Love Call.

  8. Ahhhh,I see Robert.
    Next you'll be telling me the strangled cat was a serenade :P

  9. lol jayne.

    now you have piqued my curiosity. exactly how is he creepy?

  10. well that'll teach you to whistle at strange birds! lmao