Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Growing Challenge 12...I think

Well, unbeknownst to this mad old cow, tis National Tree Day on July 27, here in Oz.
I could claim my mighty powers of ESP pre-empted me but twas really my hip pocket and the empty stomachs of The Tribe that made me get in early.
This week I've planted 3 fruit trees - a Lisbon lemon, an Imperial Mandarin and a Washington Naval orange - with 2 more waiting to have their roots tickled and firmly introduced to the loamy soil of my backyard - a Japanese Seedless mandarin and a Eureka lemon.
The tangelo's have been extra sweet for being left on our tree that little bit longer, something missing from store bought fruit of late. If not left till the fruit is properly ripened the natural sugars aren't able to develop and fruit loses a lot of the sweetness that enhances it's flavour.
The ancient lemon tree that we figured was close to, if not over, 100 years old, turned up it's toes and it's replacement died in fright at the hungry hoards eye-balling it. Fingers crossed these two new ones will pull their digits out and perform like Laurence Olivier -over the top and bigger than Ben Hur!
I've got up close and personal with the vegie seedlings who are growing by the day. I restrained myself from measuring them against The Tribe's measurement wall, although I have been caught chatting away to them a la Prince Charles. They haven't complained but they're yet to reply!
Another choko was planted to cover the cage - some vegies boxes we had to enclose with possum mafia-proof wire. No photos of it as it's quite an eye-sore but the best we could manage in the tight corner. The possums haven't got it as a pin up poster in their tree, either.
2 more chokos are developing stalks on the kitchen window sill and I've another 2 vegie patches to fill with another spud crop and possibly strawberries in Spring.
The netting everywhere is driving the possums mad, as the screechings I hear each night aren't the strange neighbour over the back fence nor do they sound like fat, happy, contented wildlife.
I'm eying off the last vestiges of lawn for potential food growing but The Spouse is complaining he won't have anywhere safe to plant his great size 14's.
Hmmph !


  1. Well, I was wondering how big your block of land is, with concern that there will be nowhere left for FB to excavate.

  2. "Fingers crossed these two new ones will pull their digits out and perform like Laurence Olivier."

    You mean lie still and never move because they're dead?

  3. LOL Andrew. There's a few pockets left but not much!

    I was thinking more of when he had a pulse, Brian...oh,wait..his acting was pretty much dead then, too.

  4. I once had a sick little peach tree *grin* Now I just grow tomatoes.
    I think I'm passed the "work" part of gardening.

  5. Lol Elizabeth, tomatoes can be very soothing ;)