Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Name That....


Hints this week are -
  • Men would use these items every day - unless they were a barber-starver and grew a beard.
  • They're not often used in current times.
  •  They were originally found in the wash-house as bathrooms were once a luxury.
Have as many guesses as you want; no prizes for the winner, just your name in the winners list in my sidebar and the right to grin at everyone for 5 mins and tell them what a smarty-pants you are.

Congrats to Elizabeth from Probably, But Not Likely who got it first - it's a shaving mug. Water in the bottom, soap in the top and lather well with the shaving brush....although lathering with a dunny brush could work just as well...maybe!
Go forth and dance the Clever Clogs tap dance, Elizabeth!
Well done to all who had a go!
Next Name That...Thing will be posted next Tuesday in the usual place.


  1. Shaving mug thingy..for the soap and brush. Add water, work up a lather and swirl the froth onto your face.

    I didn't realize Australia had been bombed so many times during WWll.

  2. For soaking teeth in Sterodent.

  3. A special vase to sit next to the toilet dolly?

  4. Men would use them everyday in the bathroom? We are talking about the shaving jug here, aren't we, and not the ruler?

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  6. Well, I can't speak for you, Brian, but no, not the ruler :P

  7. What exactly is the point of publishing that photo may I ask? Is there an implication that some people might not know what it is? Surely all we 21 year olds are entirely familiar with them. Oops did I say 21, I must have meant 71. I wouldn't like to date myself.
    Yours the senile spring chicken

  8. LOL Maddy.
    Think of it as a hill start for the cold engine of our grey cells :P

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