Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Name That....

(click image for larger view) 

Hints this week are -
  • These are no longer used but what they used to hold is used everyday by almost everyone.
  • This particular thing was found in classrooms all over Oz, UK, USA and other Western countries.
  • Many children would have used these things and would have refilled them at the end of every day.
  • In Anne Of Green Gables, Gilbert dipped the ends of Anne's plaits into this thing.
  • If upset these things caused an almighty mess that was difficult to clean up.
  • These particular things sat in a very particular piece of furniture in the classroom. 
Have as many guesses as you like, the winner goes up in lights in my sidebar and the winner gets to laugh hysterically for 5 mins whilst telling everyone how clever they are
*My 16 yr old dog, Tara, goes in for surgery tomorrow and we're off to the museum straight after so there'll be extra time for second and third guesses till tomorrow arvo.
I've posted an extra Thing to challenge your grey cells for tomorrow, enjoy! 


  1. Inkwell indeed. Well done pure evyl [which I mis-read as 'envy' which I am!]

    Of course I didn't really know the answer I'm just copying pure evyl because I wouldn't have even been an embryo when they were around in a time before typewriters....er.....I meant computers!

  2. You give too many clues, make it too easy, wanting everyone to win. Who do you think you are, the salvation army?

  3. I LOVE Anne of Green Gables!!! :)

    This ink pot looks like it's seen better days too.

  4. Definitely an inkwell, it looks like the one I used in 6th grade.
    I was never made an ink monitor, the boys got that job. Corruption ruled, if you were nice to them, they made your ink extra strong.

  5. I knew it was an inkwell straight away.
    It's good being old enough to have been an ink monitor, and remember ink-stained fingers.

    Let's all go to The Collectors website and guess their Mystery Object before Friday's show!

  6. As much as I'm loathe to agree with Robbert, he's absolutely right. Not so many clues in future Jayne...although I have to say I recognised this as an inkwell the moment I saw it due to the fact that I received many a wallop as a kid from dipping Catherine Bruford's pigtails (she sat in front of me at school) in mine.

  7. Yep, too easy Jayne. I used one too. I only recently threw out a jar of Parker ink, twenty plus years old and used for a fountain pen.

  8. We had the holes in our desks for the inkwells when I was in Primary school. But we didn't use ink.. we were stuck with boring old pencils.. I so wanted to write with a great big quill..*sigh* heheheheheee

  9. I knew what it was and wanted to comment and see the evyl beat me to it...but yes, it is an inkwell.

  10. Pencils weren't in their time, so it must hold ink for students.