Tuesday, July 1, 2008




Hints this week are -

  • Yes, it's very dusty, proving it hasn't been used for many a year, further proving how old it is.

  • It has been surpassed by technology in the shape of video and DVD players.

  •  Once upon a time you may have sat in a classroom and watched a dry as dust non-David Attenborough doco from a larger version of this.

  • Yes, that is an electric plug in the foreground of the picture, proving it wasn't powered by steam or horses!

Have as many guesses as you want, no prizes for the winner, just the right to swing your hips in the "Look At Me, I'm A Smarty Pants" Hustle, smile knowingly at everyone for 5 mins and to have your name listed in the winner's list in my sidebar.

* Oops! Comment form posting now fixed.

Evyl from the blog From Evyl With Love got it - it was a projector. Yes, old school movie thing for you kids too young to remember black and white TV, maths without a calculator and milk home delivered by horse and cart.

Go forth and jiggle your fancy know-it-all-bits, Evyl!

Thanks to everyone who had a go - and apologies to those who had trouble with the comments form, I know there were quite a few of you. Sorry, I promise not to fiddle with things again!

Next Name That...Thing challenge will be on the same blog, next Tuesday!


  1. I know the answer to this one. It's a piece of junk that ought to have been thrown out several decades ago.

  2. Shhhh you'll hurt The Spouse's feelings after he unearthed it in the op shop yesterday :P

  3. At 12.31 pm Evyl sent me his guess which is -
    a projector.

    Not saying yes, not saying no.
    Keep the guesses coming ;)

  4. I was going to say a film projector too - the type where if for some reason the film gets stuck there is a mad panic to turn the projector off or un-stick the film so that the light doesn't melt it.

    Brings back some good memories :)