Tuesday, July 15, 2008


(click on image for larger view) 
Hints this week -
  • It would have been found either on the kitchen table or side-board.
  • The empty heads are for holding a type of food.
  • This particular food item can be stored in the monks heads raw or cooked.
Have as many guesses as you want; no prizes for the winner, just the name listed in the winner's list in my sidebar and the right to grin and bare your frighteningly clever brain to all for 5 mins.

Andrew from High Riser was the winner - as many of you guessed, it is for eggs, raw or cooked.
Well done to all who had a go, have another go again next week when the next Name That...Thing challenge will be posted.


  1. Sweet meats.

    Actually my Mum's got a set of these. I think she bought them in Scotland somewhere.

  2. What exactly are "sweet meats"?

  3. Boiled egg cups. How else do you get kids to eat eggs?

  4. According to the hole shape it holds boiled eggs.