Thursday, July 31, 2008



Hints this week -
  • It's a handy dandy tool.
  • Squeeze the handles to open the 3-pronged head to operate this tool.
  • Once opened, the 3 prongs do the job for you. 

Have as many guesses as you want, winner's name in the sidebar and the right to grin at all for a whole 5 mins.

Here is what it's for -
Opening up tiny fiddly C Rings that are used in engines, motor parts, etc.
 The 2 outer prongs fit into the holes of the C Ring while the middle prong fits in between, squeeze the handle and it opens the C Ring up to fit into or remove from a tight corner.
I was going to take a pic of it in action but The Spouse squeezed the handles once too often and it's now jammed, forever relegated to be a dust collecting paper weight!

For those yearning for a trivia quiz Signposts has an End of July quiz just waiting to tickle your grey matter.
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R.H. said...

I'd like a grin with you Miss Jayne.

An entire lifetime.


Jayne said...

Oooo errr, Bobby, you saucy thing!
You are a naughty boy, but we do like you!
*said a la Dick Emery*

Brian Hughes said...

It's a circumcision device. I knew a short sighter cicumcisor years ago. One day he missed and got the sack.

Kelly said...

Hmmmm, the blades remind me of old shearing clipper but they don't have prongs on. Because the blades are similar to those shears, I'd say it's got something to do with sheep - and that possibly castration is not too far from the realms of possibility....

Jayne said...

LOL Brian. Ouch!

Nothing to do with sheep, sorry Kelly.

The 3 prongs are inserted into something and when the handle is squeezed the 3 prongs move apart - spreading the something it's inserted into.

historylover said...

Hi, I'm going to guess that it's a staple remover????

Jayne said...

Close, very close Historylover!

It does remove very small items but not anything as straight as staples ;)

Angel Gurl said...

okay so me and DH had a look at this and came up with a list but you had us stumped?
We thought it could be used for leather work, something to make holes in shoes. (okay so we sucked at guessing)

Jayne said...

Nope, not for leather work or for making holes in shoes, sorry Angelgurl.

I'll post the answer in an hour ;)

Oirishlad said...

It's used to open up a cork.

Brian Hughes said...

It removes splinters from politicians' heads...oh, wait a minute...obviously not.

Kelley said...

damn, I was going to say a circumciser... was gunna ask to borrow it.

RVB said...

Ancient remnants of BDSM sexual exploits - just that little bit cruder.

Jayne said...

Why would you remove what is essentially holding their skull together, Brian ?:P

Blunt steak knives work wonders, Kelley :P

The Prince Albert that really brings tears to the eyes, Reuben?

R.H. said...

I've got a C (circlip) remover, they look like pliers.



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