Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nude Ned and Sally the blogger.

Just read Ian's blog where he mentioned bizarre search terms that have found their way to him, which reminded me of one I had a few weeks ago.
"Nude Ned Kelly".
Just to clarify, which Ned are they wanting to nude up?
Heath Ledger?
John Jarret?
Mick Jagger? (think I'm in danger of losing my brekkie with that mental image burning my brain).
Or Ned himself?
Are cast iron bucket heads the new fetish?
Are beards better in the nude?
Did Ned lose a game of pool and do the full monty down the Main Street of Glenrowan?
Was Ned double dared by Joe Byrne to streak through Beechworth?
Did Ned go commando under his armour?
Or did he prove to Redmond Barry who was the bigger man during his trial?
Had a great giggle to see that one of Naomi's "friends" has busted out on her own and started her own blog.
You'll have to read Naomi's blog to get up to speed about Sally but she's decided to break away from Naomi and start yet another blog (wasn't that what got her into trouble in the first place, Nomes?) to try to convince the world that she's really, truly, honestly telling the truth this time, cross her heart and hope to die!
Sure you've been probed by an alien, Sally.
Like we'd fall for your stories again, hmph!


  1. I love to look at what search terms people used to find my blog.

    It cracks me up.

    I've been getting a lot of "The Pope Touched Me Down Under Shirt"

  2. I am just glad that Captain Google can find my blog. Without him not too many visitors.

    I will be trying that search term and see if I can get to your blog. Ha Ha.

  3. "Stand by for some seriously messed-up shit." (As written on Sallygurl's blog.) don't think I'll bother.

  4. Ahhhh, a naked man with a bucket on his head... some would say that's just perfect ;)

    Yeah, Sally's turned a little peculiar ever since the fiasco, poor thing. Oh well, at least I won't be the only one putting up with her rubbish.

    Brian - yup, not for everyone. Especially if tales of alien abduction and conspiracy theories don't float your boat!

  5. Now there's an image I can live with Naomi!!!
    Poor Sally, she's soooo misunderstood these days ;)

  6. That's a t-shirt they've had printed up for World Youth Day. I'm biting my tongue, Dina!

    I just checked again and I rated number one for the search "nude blogspot", Colin.
    I'm happy to state I am fully clothed in my pj's when I blog!!!

  7. Haven't had that search yet surprisingly.

    There are some weird people that can spell Google. Can't spell much else right, but Google they must get taught how to spell in the mad pron search school.

  8. Fling around a few Ned's and nudes , Kelley, and you too can join the ranks of nude blogging Neddy!
    Either that or Skippy Pron will be next....!

  9. Oh, the mental images - John Jarrett, Skippy and a bucket on his head...


    *runs screaming*

  10. LMFAO
    Now that is some scarily messed up shyte, Naomi!

  11. I was smiling broadly until i got to Ned kelly going commando under his armour...then i spat red wine everywhere...the image was too much even for latest search term is "aussie words for vagina"..that cracked me up!

  12. I find it very scary when I check who is searching for what.

    I'll pop over now and peek at your recommendations.

  13. LOL Mo!
    The wind would have been whistling briskly in those regions in Winter ;)

    Maddy, some people are just plain scary!