Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Short and sweet

Had to applaud Paul McDermott's short commentary on the previous week's news, at the end of last night's Good News Week.

"Fuck off and die, Mugabe"
 Yep, that pretty much says what everyone has been thinking!
 There was a problem with the comments form earlier but it's now been fixed.


Brian Hughes said...

Question: What's the difference between American, British and Ozzie attitudes towards Sadam Hussein, and American, British and Ozzie attitudes towards Mugabe?

Answer: Mugabe doesn't own lots of oil wells.

Or is that just me being cynical?

Jayne said...

Oh, no Brian, you're not cynical....because that would make myself and gazillions of other people cynical, as well.
I think the correct term is "truthful".

mr nick said...

Robert Gabriel Mugabe must die and so must all his ZANU-PF supporters. Zimbabwe must be invaded, oops there are no oil reserves

Jayne said...

Welcome Mr Nick!
And, yes, exactly...no oil = no need to invade.
Pfft, FFS.