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Trivial History July 1

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A pinch and a punch for the first of the month...and no paybacks

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Nursing Story #10
An agency nurse came to work a shift at our private hospital in Melbourne one afternoon.
This was shortly before we began admitting patients with alcohol dependencies, and the kitchen was left unlocked for staff to help themselves to food for the patients and themselves, with a small store of sherry and beer for the patients.
The nurse started the shift reasonably alright but things began to go downhill and the others twigged something was wrong when she A) kept losing the nurses station and patients, B) started singing ABBA songs at the top of her lungs and C) was found snoring on the trolley in the operating theatre.
Yep, not only was the 750 ml bottle of scotch in her bag totally empty but so were several stubbies and not quite the large bottle of sweet sherry.
Three weeks later she was admitted as a patient.
And became one our returning, but well-liked, customers, whom we always asked for a rendition of Waterloo.

1851 Big things happened - writs were issued for the elections for the Legislative Council of Victoria, Port Phillip Colony changed it's name by deed poll to Independent Colony of Victoria and a public holiday was declared. Finally the Gum Suckers were autonomous...almost.

1866 Umpires were used for the first time in Aussie Rules Football. But we shall not call them nasty names like blind bastards...or white maggots...no, we shall not.

Mr Eyden was visiting a relative in the town of Cue, WA, in 1979 when he thought he'd give his new metal detector a try out in the caravan park. It immediately beeped over a stone that turned out to be a 171 gram nugget of solid gold.

1867 The General Post Office in Elizabeth St, Melbourne - yes, kiddies, it was an actual post office before it became a fashion mecca - was officially opened.

1885 Dorothea Mackellar, who gave Aussies the classic poem My Country, was hatched.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Keep a bottle of cheap olive oil in the shed for oiling tools and protecting them from rust.

1899 That gorgeous actor Charles Laughton was found in the cabbage patch. No, not an Aussie but I really like him and his movies.

1899 Indiana Jones, fictional character, was apparently born on this day.

Oz Slanguage-
Cold and dark as a bushman's grave = describing a place as very dark and gloomy.

1959 Mr Squiggle was born!

1983 The High Court blocked the building of the Franklin Dam in Tassie. Hands up those who don't remember this? You may complete 50 lines of "I must pay more attention in class" by tomorrow morning.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - John Wayne.
Reg Collins appeared in several episodes of Skippy.
He also appeared in the 1952 movie Kangaroo.
Which starred Maureen O'Hara.
Who starred in another movie from 1952, The Quiet Man.
Alongside John Wayne.

1990 The wearing of bicycle helmets upon one's head became compulsory but many ignore this law. Never mind, they obviously have nothing in their heads to protect!

2000 The GST (Goods and Services Tax) we were never, ever, ever going to have was introduced for most goods and services. Sadly not many of them are very good or very serviceable.

Oz Etty Kit-
I don't care how bored you are waiting in your car for the traffic lights to change - picking your nose is just revolting!
It ranks ahead of picking your ear wax and eating it but not quite as disgusting as fishing cigarette butts out of the public dunnys.
Just. Stop. It. NOW.

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