Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trivial History July 10

While we've always referred to NZ as our 7th state, I don't think we've ever seriously considered invading NZ to take over.....until now.
Have a good look - and giggle - at these 2 ads that had to meet the challenge of selling the idea of invading NZ to the Aussie public.
Yes, Widdle Shamrock, it's tongue in cheek...but if I bring scones, jam and cream with me, you won't mind the invasion much, will you...?

 Nursing Story # 18
One nursing home I worked at had a particular resident who could be either the nicest person under the sun or the most difficult, vicious human being, with no rhyme nor reason to her moods.
Until Mike started working with us.
Mike was a great nurse and was very good with the residents but this difficult one took a shine to him and it wasn't long before we noticed how well-behaved she was when he was on shift (IE she didn't start food fights or bite chunks out of people).
We started singing "Oh Mickey you're so fine," and joking that we should have masks made up of his photo for us to wear over our own faces. 
One evening he called in unable to work due to car troubles and we dreaded telling her that her favourite wouldn't be tucking her into bed (long running joke, get your minds out of the gutter!), when one of the others found his recent drivers license photo, enlarged it, copied it off and we made really rough masks with elastic.
The resident (literally) wet herself laughing (hey, this was a nursing home) and made an effort to behave herself for us after that.

1040 Tis Lady Godiva Day in Coventry,England, to celebrate the day when Lady Godiva nuded up, jumped on a horse and frolicked through the town to win a wager with her hubby to stop him from spending up big on himself and no one else.
We don't advocate this method next time hubby starts craving a new set of golf clubs!

New Zealand hotel employees claimed an extra 2 shillings per week in 1951 as they claimed spilt beer on the floors of the bars rotted their boots.

1911 The salty old sea-dogs had a puff on their pipes, judged the sun was far enough over the yard-arm and formed the Royal Australian Navy.  Well, Helloooooooooooo sailor!

Oz Slanguage-
Couldn't organise a fart in a curry eating contest = describing a very ineffectual person who is hopeless at anything.

1946 Finally the nation had the cure for insomnia at their fingertips....Parliament began broadcasting on the wireless.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Captain Jack Harkness.
Ali Miller appeared in 2 episodes of Skippy, then next worked as a set decorator on the Aussie short film Speechless: A Fairytale.
Starring in the short film was Brit actor Gil Kolirin, who appeared in 1 episode of Torchwood (Dr Who spin-off TV series).
Which stars the delectable John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness.

1947 Aussie comedic genius Lennie Lower departed this world, leaving us craving ever more of his belly-laughter-inducing wit. Click HERE to read more about this wonderful writer and HERE to read some of his stories.

Place Name Origins-
Ainslie in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) was named after the first overseer of Duntroon station....probably because they had a poor diet and, thus, really rotten memories so they named stuff after people so they could remember who they were supposed to pay that week....


  1. Those videos are hilarious!!!

  2. "Tis Lady Godiva Day in Coventry,England..."

    More like Deep Sea Diver Day. Her skin's going to wrinkle something chronic in this rain.

  3. They did a good job, Dina lol.

    Ohhhh, a spot of Summer rain, Brian ?

  4. I love the videos - they're great. Hey WS what would you like me to bring with me :)

    Good thing the nursing home resident had a good sense of humour along with that temper LOL

  5. She did, with a little prompting some days, Gemisht ;)

  6. Love, love, love that nursing story, Jayne!

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  8. Great story! I saw bits of the Gruen Transfer last night before falling asleep with HollowMen

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  10. lol Bettina, that's the one that won ;)

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    Just remember Kelley - it'll be us in there one day !

  11. I wish we had more 'proper' place names here. I'm o.k. with the endless duplications of British towns all over the place but other's are mystifying.

  12. Great link. I'm still laughing.

  13. They're trying to keep you guessing, Maddy ;)

    It's a fun show, Elizabeth, keeps us laughing each week ;)