Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trivial History July 12

 Well, he's done it!
FB has finished his 100 books for the Reading Challenge, in between playing Maths Brainiac on the DS, watching Discovery Science programs and learning about the Peasant's Revolt online from Melvyn Bragg.
The bone shard is currently decorating the patio table, between the agave plant and the pot of sprouting bean seeds, being cleaned by the rain and shall go on a little trip sometime this coming week, now that the school hols are over and we won't get trampled by herds of dinosaurs elephants humpbacked whales children in the museum.

Nursing Story # 20
One lovely old lady I used to visit with District Nursing was completely alone.
Totally unattached to any other human being, no relatives at all.
But oh so happy. 
Because she'd loved and been loved. 
She rattled about in the huge family home, having lived there her entire life, her husband moving in with her when they married. At first she stayed in the home to help her elderly parents, then, after they died, she stayed because her widowed sister needed help with her daughter who, as she got beyond the toddler years, was found to be mentally handicapped. But happy.

She worked outside the home and within. She and her husband had a fierce love which didn't stop even when he died suddenly at work one day.They had no children and she never remarried. But she was happy.

She kept working outside the home and within, helping her beloved sister, who'd become riddled with arthritis in her early 40's and with her niece who was a 5 year old trapped in a stunningly beautiful body. But happy.

She looked on her niece, and loved her, as her own child by this time and, when her sister died, she didn't feel cheated or left behind or chained to the house. She was just happy.
She started closing up the rooms they didn't use and her niece moved into the huge bedroom opposite her own so she could keep an eye and ear on her, as her niece had taken to wandering in the early hours.
She worked within and without the house; her vegie garden fed the 2 of them and her ornamental gardens were a sheer joy to behold in Spring.
Then her niece reached her 50's, something the doctors claimed all those years ago would never happen. She started getting ill, started forgetting simple words; she had a frighteningly fast type of dementia that stole her happiness.
Her aunt worked within the house, the neighbours did shopping errands and visited without being asked, as they all loved her. She couldn't leave her niece, not for a moment, for although she was mentally handicapped and becoming more senile every day, just having her aunt near her, holding her hand, made her happy because she loved her so.
Then the lovely old woman was completely alone, totally unattached to any other human being, no relatives at all.
But oh so happy.
Because she'd loved and been loved. 

She had the biggest funeral, the largest amount of mourners, that the country town had witnessed in living memory.
And some of us former nurses still have a little weep when we remember that beautiful soul. 
Like right now.

 1826 The British Govt, never one to let a golden opportunity pass them by, ruled that English currency was to be used in the Or-stray-lian colonies, harsh sunlight upon the fragile English complexion not withstanding.

Aussie Strine-
'Ron = later on. IE "I'll save it for 'ron"

1846 Riots broke out in Melbourne, with martial law being declared for a whole 24 hours, after shots were fired during loud and more-than-slight disagreements between Orange Men and Roman Catholic members of the Irish community.
Some might say martial law wouldn't go astray in the nightclub district on some weekends in Melbourne!

Oz Slanguage-
For fun and fancy to please old Nancy = a smart-arse reply when some twit asks "Why are you doing that?"

1855 David Angus, co-founder of Angus and Robertson publishers and bookstores, was found in the heather patch in Scotland.

Place Name Origins-
Aireys Inlet, a seaside holiday resort town in Victoria, was named after the former lieutenant J.M.C Airey in 1842, who had a very un-holiday existence whilst working on his station nearby.

1859 The very first Aussie Rules footy match was played on the sacred turf of the former Police Paddock, the MCG, between Melbourne Football Club and South Yarra Football Club. No scores are available to tell us who won but South Yarra seems to have slipped from the leader board of late....

Te Kawau Princess, an Auckland Black Orpington hen broke the then-world record by laying 361 hard-shelled eggs in 365 days. She was sold to an American poultry fancier for £125.

1866 The man who gave Oz the scrumptious ice cream The Drumstick and Peters Ice Cream 101 years ago, Fred Peters, was pupped.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Taggart.
Des Rolfe was an actor who appeared in 2 episodes of Skippy and 1 ep of TV series Number 96.
Brit sex symbol Abigail appeared in Number 96 and in the movie The True Story of Eskimo Nell.
Serge Lazareff appeared in Eskimo Nell and also the *gag* movie Ned Kelly.
Mark McManus starred as Joe Byrne in Ned Kelly.
And appeared as the title character in the TV series Taggart.

1980 Our Livvy - Olivia Newton-John - and ELO - Electric Light Orchestra - hit the UK number 1 spot with their *ahem* hit Xanadu, from the *ahem* movie of the same name.

Bitchy Blisterings
John Norton's comments on the portrait of Queen Victoria in his newspaper The Truth (and for which he was sued for libel) -
....this flabby, fat and flatulent looking scion and successor of the most ignoble line of Royal Georges.


  1. Congratulations to FB!!

    That's a very lovely story about the woman--she sounds like a very giving soul.

  2. To be content and not demanding in your old age is something special. She had her reward for her good life.

  3. Thanks Dina :)
    She was.

    She was a favourite with everyone, she was one person who reaped what she sowed , Andrew.

  4. way to go FB!!!

    To love and to be loved. Yes. Beautiful. *smiles*

  5. I like that slangage. Around here we just say, 'For shits and giggles.'

  6. FB said Thank you, Bettina and CL :)

    LOL I like that one, Evyl ;)

  7. "....this flabby, fat and flatulent looking scion and successor of the most ignoble line of Royal Georges."

    No wonder he got sued for writing that. It's nowhere near offensive enough.

  8. Well done Feral Beast !!!!!! That is amazing.

    Your nursing story brought a widdle tear to my eye.

  9. John Norton was sued left, right and centre during his career as a politician, editor and general muck-racker, Brian.
    There's plenty more on poor old Queen Vic LOL.

    Thanks WS.
    Yep, she has that effect on most ;)

  10. A huge clap of congratulations to FB -that is an awesome achievement.

    The old lady is very inspiring.