Sunday, July 13, 2008

Trivial History July 13

Forsooth! Methinks tis a hell hounds dawn that bringeth this blustery chill upon our town.
Prithee t'would be folly to venture beyond the thresh-hold on this evil morn and I marvel much at thou stubborn intent to sally forth into this storm!
Nay, thou art t'would be named a clamperton to be out of doors in such as this as only runagates and changelings find such icy breath savoury.

(We will resume normal transmission when I finish channelling Shakespeare to explain his speech to mine own son and heir...)

Nursing Story # 21
One day the District Nursing office was contacted by a local policeman who requested that a full assessment by conducted on an elderly lady within the town.
She was one of 3 sisters in their 80's who lived together, each of them having been variously married and widowed over time, and apart from receiving meals on wheels and the occasional out-patients check up, they seemed fine.
On paper.
When we visited, everything appeared normal - at first.
The ladies were well groomed, the house ok, if a little untidy but nothing really worrying. Surface conversation with them was normal. We wandered out to the kitchen with them while they made a pot of tea and that's when things started ringing alarm bells.
The microwave was sitting inside the gas oven, tea bags were hanging from the curtain rod above the sink to drip dry (for re-use we discovered) and the fridge was full of food that had passed it's use-by date 2 years earlier.
Full assessments were organised asap, with family members contacted to discuss proper daily supervision.
All 3 had early stages of dementia and short term memory loss but had muddled through on their own, supporting each other, for quite some time without any mishaps.
Oh and the reason the policeman contacted us?
The one sister who could drive a car was pulled over by him after he'd found her kangaroo hopping at barely 5kph in reverse up a side street near her home.
Because she'd forgotten where first gear was. 
Her licence had expired 6 years before and, for some strange reason, we talked her out of re-newing it.

Place Name Origins-
Airport West in Victoria is thus named because...(drumroll)... it's west of the airport, derrr !

1945 Dear old lovable Ben Chifley took over from caretaker PM Forde to become PM of Oz. Who couldn't love a bloke who'd been an engine driver, distrusted banks and threw himself into his work to the point where he became an expert on industrial law and banking?!  Plus he waved his pipe with such flair...!

Oz Slanguage-
Long paddock = the grassy verges alongside the roads are referred to by farmers as "the long paddock" who in desperate times often drove stock along it for feed.

1948 The Ashes stayed firmly on Oz soil when the Third Test was drawn (hanging and quartering being reserved for the losing team!).

Longest place names in Oz are(take a deep breath) Lake Cadibarrawirracanna, in South Oz, and (take another deep breath) Lake Mirranpongapongunna, in the Simpson Desert.

1957 The Asian Flu epidemic broke out, sweeping around the world and, by the end, had taken a toll of more than 100,000 lives world-wide.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Nelson Mandela.
Ron Shand appeared in several eps of Skippy and 1 ep of Benny Hill Down Under.
Benny Hill, star of the show, also appeared in the original movie of The Italian job beside Michael Caine.
Michael Caine starred as F.W. de Klerk in the 1997 TV movie Mandela and de Klerk.
With Sidney Poitier appearing as Nelson Mandela.

1977 A power blackout caused by thunderstorms in New York that lasted more than 25 hours resulted in a huge baby boom 9 months later.  Hmph...whatever happened to Scrabble by candlelight?!

Bitchy Blisterings-
Sir John Robertson, Premier of NSW, venting his spleen  -
Victoria! What the hell do I care for Victoria? A bloody country to the south of the Murray, inhabited by bloody savages!


  1. Thanks for the handy dandy teabag tip. ;)

  2. 'and, for some strange reason, we talked her out of re-newing it.'

    Taking away the poor dear lady's independence! How cruel.

    Well, this is what I hear when the subject of the poor driving skills of old people comes up.

  3. I'll stick to coffee when I visit, Evyl :P

    We thanked goodness it had expired, Andrew,as the road authority used to refuse to cancel licences of elderly drivers on mere medical grounds.

  4. LOL, loved the nursing story, dear little old things.

  5. They were dear old gals, Tiff, quite sweet and harmless, with exception to the car....and the microwave lol ;)

  6. Ahhh the long paddock. Getting some use around here lately too.

  7. It hasn't died out: driving around the country I see lotsa 'hot-tape' set up on the long paddock.

  8. Good to hear Bettina and Bwca!
    Some councils/shires are trying to wrap the long-paddock in red tape when they need some of that 'hot tape' to see clearly ;)

  9. "With Sidney Poitier appearing as Nelson Mandela."

    To be honest I thought Sidney Poitier died in about 1960...

  10. Think you're confusing him with Thatcher's morals, Brian :P