Monday, July 14, 2008

Trivial History July 14

I cut out the boring bits.
There were a lot of boring bits.
Now there isn't.

Nursing Story # 22
One chap we were giving palliative care to during his end stage cancer was a well-known character in the country town; always playing pranks, telling jokes and generally being a cheeky bugger.
He was in a private room simply hanging on until his family, all brothers and a sister lived interstate, could get to him. Not very tall, he'd had a short career as a jockey but preferred betting on the horses to actually riding them after one fall too many.
The family arrived that night, they went in and were seated around his bed, talking quietly as he was dozing, in and out of consciousness. We'd pass on our rounds up and down the corridore and peek in as we'd pass, checking if they needed anything. In situations like that usual visiting hours are tossed out the window.
Suddenly one of the brothers came out, looking frantic.
"He's disappeared!"
While they were all seated in the room their ill brother disappeared from his death bed.
We suggested the visitors come and sit in the lounge with some refreshments while we looked for the missing man.
In the corner of the room was a small built-in wardrobe little bigger than a broom cupboard.
Opening the door, the dying man grinned up at me and put his finger to his lips while reaching to close the door again.
We tidied the bed, asked the family to return and he played his last prank on his family.
He certainly left them laughing. 

Bitchy Blisterings-
Ned Kelly's thoughts on Superintendent Brook Smith-
I would like to know who put that article that reminds me of a poodle dog half clipped in the lion fashion, called Brook E. Smith, Superintendent of Police; he knows as much about commanding Police as Victorian Police Commissioner Captain Standish does about mustering mosquitoes and boiling them down for their fat on the back blocks of the Lachlan.

Tis Bastille Day, a public holiday, in France. So called because it celebrates the revolting peasants storming the Bastille, the gaol,  in 1789 to free the whole 7 prisoners incarcerated by the King.
As you can guess, the King wasn't on everyone's Xmas card list after this and pretty soon lost his job...and his head.

Oz Slanguage-
Do a nickywoop = to depart very hastily.

1842 Building allotments in Brisvegas were first offered up for sale to all and sundry...although many held back, waiting for Surfer's Paradise to really take off in real estate!

Place Name Origins -
Alamein near Camberwell in Victoria was not named after some fancy floozy Lady Muck with a pinky ring the size of Tassie.
No, it was named after the battle in North Africa in WW2.

1995 Both the Aboriginal Flag and Torres Strait Islander Flag were recognised and proclaimed as official flags of Australia.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Shaun Of The Dead.
Alister Smart appeared in 2 eps of Skippy and co-hosted Play School, on and off, over 27 years.
From 1987 - 1999 Trisha Goddard co-hosted Play School.
Trisha also appeared, as herself, in the brilliant 2004 movie Shaun Of The Dead. 


  1. I love the story about the dying man. What a great sense of humor.

    Your really get to meet interesting people as a nurse!

  2. If I cut out my boring bits, I wouldn't be able to post at all.

  3. Thanks Dina. He was a nice bloke.

    Pffft, bollocks, Evyl! :P

  4. Hi! I thought I'd pop over before you sat down for dinner with the tribe. Minus the TV of course!

    You are a good mum for not letting them watch it whilst eating!

    As for your story, I hope I can go out laughing, when my time comes.

    Take Care,

  5. Trisha Goddard presented Playschool? I didn't know that. Still, it was an infinitely more intelligent programme than the crap she presents nowadays.

  6. Thanks Peter. LOL they call me a few things other than 'good' for banning the tv at tea time ;)

    Yes, I fully agree, Brian, after having the misfortune of catching the odd 5mins of it on UKTV !
    Big Ted and Jemima have much more intelligent things to say ;)

  7. *snort*


    what a cack! Fancy doing a vanishing act from your death bed! lmao

  8. "Big Ted and Jemima have much more intelligent things to say..."

    Although I noticed she cloned a few Humptys for her latter day series.

  9. It wouldn't work when playing hide and seek with Death, though ;)

    Those Humpty's have been ear-marked for The Great Wall Pushing Contest, Brian.
    As "Big Slapper" didn't grab the audience like Big Brother did....

  10. 1995! And I thought the British were slow!

    Love the prankster.


  11. Once politicians enter office their brains are put into deep freeze, Maddy ;)