Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trivial History July 15

I left some boring bits in.
Just to prove how much I pamper you.
Read it and weep.

Last night we had a brief catch-up with FB's paediatrician.
Who walks on water as far as I'm concerned.
He rocks.
He is teh Awesomest Doctor Dude.
He was talking to FB and I about the movie The Black Balloon and the new govt services for autistic people that are once in a lifetime and are expected to "cure" autism ( attitude and opinion of others, not him).
FB stated "There's no cure for autism,"
Paediatrician gave him a hug and said,
"There's no need for a cure because there's nothing to cure!  There's nothing wrong with autism or the people who have it, sometimes it's the rest of the world who needs a cure,"
I love this bloke.  

Nursing Story # 22
One small country hospital had some staff members that had been in the same job for some decades.
Some of them had developed unconventional work ethics over the years and a deaf ear against complaints. 
One in particular was really getting too long in the tooth to be in the position she was in but the recently appointed from out of town DON wanted to keep all staff in their usual employment.
This was fine for the DON but a royal pain in the bum for everyone else as this particular nurse gossiped about every patient's details all over town..
Until the day the DON was in labour and in bustled this nurse who sat beside her throughout the birth, ignoring requests to leave and then proceeded to inform the whole of the town what the sex of the baby was before the father (who was stuck in traffic in Melbourne) even knew he was a father.
No, the DON didn't retrench her...she simply had her subsequent babies at another hospital!

Place Name Origins-
Albany in Westralia was originally titled Frederickstown in 1826, after the Duke of York and Albany but someone couldn't drag the cotton wool out of their ears and/or mouth so they scribbled Albany all over official documents until the name stuck. 

1542 Mona Lisa carked it.

Bitchy Blisterings-
Observations by that prolific writer, Anon. 
Things are crook in Tallarook.
There's no work in bloody Bourke.
There's S.F.A at Bateman's Bay.
There's no tobaccer at Euraka.
The girls are bandy at Urandangies.
It's up the shit at Murrabit.
You'll rue the day you go to Hay.
But worst of all is Booligal.

Royal Commissions in Victoria *yawn*  happened in 1858, oh look! they were really bored so they did two  in the year 1889, 1902, 1929 and in 1961 they held a general election in Victoria which buggered up a perfectly good Saturday. Bastards.

Oz Slanguage-
Mad as a cut snake = description of someone in a filthy temper or mentally unstable...or both (insert picture of moi first thing in the morning)

1912 Commonwealth Bank of Australia opens it's doors for business as... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...bwahahahahahahahahahahaha.....oh....*snort*...*giggle*...a 'savings bank'...I mean to say....what the hell are SAVINGS!!???

The National Fitness Movement was founded in 1939....but the obesity epidemic seems to be catching up. 

1922 The world famous Duck-Billed Platypus made it's debut in America at the Bronx Zoo. Only because the savage Drop Bears escaped from their container, took control of the ship and sailed to Canada looking to join Gentle Ben in his uprising against the closure of salmon season.

Did you know that eating peanuts while at the keyboard is a really bad idea coz they get stuck between the keys?
Yeah, I've just made that discovery myself....

1947 Wish happy birthday to Camilla, Prince Charlie Chuckle-head's missus (how appropriate on I Love Horse's Day)...go, on, she'll take a carrot or a sugar lump right from your hand....and if you're really lucky she'll count out her age by stamping her hoof (if you can stay awake that long).


  1. I think I have the same opinion about autism and aspergers.

    I don't see them as diseases. It's more just a different way of being.

    I found a button on facebook that was cute. "Cure Neurotypicals Now"

    I had a tense moment with my mom because I mentioned that I thought Jack and I might have Aspergers. We fit some of the symptoms. I didn't present it as something bad and I was actually talking to Jack not my mom.

    I told Jack that Aspergers (in my opinion) means you're very smart and weird. I know that's a simplistic definition and there's more to it. But I thought that was a good way to explain it to a 6 year-old. And I presented it as being good. Cool.

    We're proud to be smart. We're proud to be weird. Jack seemed pleased about it.

    My mom asked how I could know this. Didn't I need to take him to a doctor to get him diagnosed. Well, I think I'm his MOTHER. I can read the symptoms and know what matches and what doesn't match.

    And no I don't think he needs "help". At least right now. I think he's FINE. Maybe a little weird. And if the weird becomes extremely difficult and unhealthy, than we'll definitely consider outside intervention.

    Have you read Mel Levine's book? I think it's him? But he (or whoever) believes children shouldn't be given these labels....or at least they shouldn't be seen as having a disorder. They should be valued for who they are. There might be ASPECTS of them that need help/work, but you treat the individual symptoms.

    For example, instead of saying "My son needs help because he has Aspergers" I might say "My son has very strong fears right now and they're preventing him from enjoying life. We need help."

    Anyway, glad you have such a thoughtful and understanding doctor!!!

  2. "I mean to say....what the hell are SAVINGS!!???"

    In government speak, civil service/health service/education service job cuts.

  3. I remember savings Jayne. I had some of those in the very early eighties.

  4. Thanks, he's great, Dina :)
    Love the facebook button!

    Ahhh, so they're cutting OUR services, paid for by OUR money to save THEM expenditure,Brian ? Makes sense now...

    I vaguely recall having something like too, Andrew, but I can't quite remember how it worked...

    He's the bee's knees, Evyl :)

  5. "FB's paediatrician.
    Who walks on water as far as I'm concerned.
    He rocks.
    He is teh Awesomest Doctor Dude."

    Quoted because it is so true.

    What an awesome Doctor. I love our paediatrician but if ever we needed to see another I'd be coming to you for this guys details.

  6. absolutely FB's pead is teh awesomest doctor Dude!

  7. Marita, he specialises in autism and totally rocks. I'll happily give you his name if you ever want it :)

    He's a great bloke, Bettina, talks to kids and parents alike as equals. VERY nice! ;)