Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trivial History July 16

Off to the museum today, weather permitting, with FB, Dad and The Bones.

 I shant be buying a train ticket for the last in that list....although I'm sure we could score some seats if I flash it around the carriage!

Nursing Story # 23
Some nursing homes are lucky to have someone come in to play the piano, guitar, etc, for the residents.
One nursing home had a regular (elderly) pianist who'd entertain everyone during morning tea twice a week.
Most nursing homes have a larger population of females to males - it's a fact women live longer - so many ladies who'd like to have a swing around the dance floor are left to tap their feet.
Each time the pianist came in, us nurses would down tools and partner the ladies who could still do a slow 4 step, giving them a 30 min physio routine, exercise and fun.
Not only did they eat better, they slept better, their mental outlook was brighter and they laughed more.
It was a two-way street; one nurse was to be a bridesmaid and had no idea how to waltz but the old girls soon taught her well enough for her friend's big day. 
Sadly the pianist only lasted several months before he died...they requested a female after that!

It's Talk To A Telemarketer Day! If the volume of telemarketer calls at my place are anything to go by, no doubt you'll all have a chance to Talk To A Telemarketer EVERY DAY!

1439 British Parliament banned kissing in an effort to stop the dreaded lurgy from dirty, dirty, dirty devils!

Cashews aren't much better than peanuts for eating over keyboards....

1800 The Rev Richard Johnson and  "The Flogging Parson", Rev Samuel Marsden , opened a church school at the appropriately named Kissing Point, which was later named Ryde.

Bitchy Blisterings-
Damn!, vented by that clever chappy, Anon, again.
Damn the teamsters, damn the track,
Damn Coolgardie, there and back,
Damn the goldfields, damn the weather,
Damn the bloody country altogether! 

1813 Two officers of the 73rd Regiment were found guilty of killing a settler and, after being given lenient 6 month gaol sentences, public outcry ensued.

Place Name Origins -
Albert Park (SA), Albert Park (Vic), Albert River (Vic) Alberton (found on the Albert River), Port Albert (Vic) and probably any other speck titled Albert was named to *cough* honour Queen Vicky's biatch door mat  *gag* love of her life, Prince Albert.

1863 Andrew (Anderson) Dawson was discovered in the bunyip patch. This chappy was Qld Premier for 1 whole week - but his was not only the very first ALP Govt in Oz but the very first labor party anywhere in the world.

The first beer brewed in Oz was made in Sydney in 1796 by John Boston. 

1889 Qld Legislative Assembly members were feeling the pinch when their shout came around so they were granted 300 pounds each, per year, as salary.

Oz Slanguage-
Bum Nuts = hen's eggs.

1893 After much official red tape the New Australia followers, including the future Dame Mary Gilmore, of William Lane finally set sail from Sydney for Paraguay.

An estate of 190 acres in what is now the City of Sydney was granted to Captain John Piper in 1815 because he was gallant enough to leave the beach when he found the Governor's missus was bathing there. 
See, lads? Manners do pay off sometimes! 

1910 John Duigan chose Mia Mia in Victoria to take to the air in the first Aussie designed and built aircraft...probably because the seagulls were too thick in Melbourne to shift out of his way.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Michael Crawford.
John Unicomb appeared in several episodes of Skippy, then went on to appear in a tele-movie titled Departure, alongside Joan Sydney.
Joan Sydney appeared in a tv movie called The Scalp Merchant which starred John Waters.
John Waters starred in the movie Breaker Morant alongside Edward Woodward.
Edward Woodward is married to Michele Dotrice who co-starred as Betty Spencer in Some Mother's Do 'Ave "em.
Which had, as the title character, actor Michael Crawford.

1914 The first Aussie airmail went aloft, not with carrier pigeons but with French pilot Maurice Guillaux, from Melbourne.


  1. UGH Telemarketers.... We had one call us SIX times in two days. In the end my husband said 'Bugger off' and hung up.

  2. LOL WS, that's becoming a lot of people's standard response now ;)

  3. "Albert Park (SA), Albert Park (Vic), Albert River (Vic) Alberton (found on the Albert River), Port Albert (Vic) and probably any other speck titled Albert was named to *cough* honour Queen Vicky's biatch door mat *gag* love of her life, Prince Albert."

    You forgot to mention the famous 'Prince Albert' fashion accessory, which isn't a place name of course, but no doubt had a certain amount of royal patronage in its day.

  4. It has a great deal of patronage in this day, too, Brian, if penile braggarts are to be believed ;)

  5. Bum nuts. I am going to have to start using that one.

  6. I wonder if the John Travolta style is as effective as the waltz? Don't peek through my kitchen blinds dearie.

  7. Evyl is eating bum nuts again, Mum!! Yep, that'd work really well LOL :P

    Ahhh John waltzing to the tune Stayin' Alive. We want photos Maddy :P