Friday, July 18, 2008

Trivial History July 18

Morning all!
Yes, I've been slack again; haven't been around to all your blogs and this entry is late.
You can blame a wild day out in the city yesterday.
Went to a lecture at the Shrine of Remembrance on the recent investigative dig at Pheasant Wood at Fromelles - very interesting and well conducted by Major General O'Brien, the Aussie Army chap who over-saw the dig.
The Mayor and other dignitaries from Fromelles were present, as were some of the dig team, Lambis Englesoz, the untiring school teacher who proved to the Army that both our boys and British lads were waiting to be found, was also there.
The maps and details of the battle were brief but very illuminating - O'Brien should teach 21st century history in schools.
On Saturday at 11am there will be a new memorial statue unveiled at The Shrine, called Cobbers, it is a copy of the one at Fromelles. It depicts the bravery of one soldier who heard the cry "Don't forget me, cobber" and went back for his injured mates, carrying them from the bloody battlefield.

Got home to the news that the bones had already been identified as those of a cat ...and a small horse, which would fit in with the smithy FB had previously found. He's rounded up the huge pile of bones that he didn't take in and we'll drop them off next week when we collect pusskin and dobbin and the report.

I shall pop around to all of your blogs and sites today!

1791 23 settlers had been polishing their horse-shoes and rabbits feet as they were allowed 20 to 50 acre farm lots in and around Parramatta.

1842 Benjamin Boyd made his grand entrance at Port Jackson in his yacht Wanderer. The name of the boat should have rung alarm bells but it was over-looked.

1881 Due to a Small Pox epidemic a sanitary camp was set up at Little Bay, in Sydney. This later became known as the Coast Hospital, and even later still, as Prince Henry's Hospital.

1914 The first Aussie airmail finally touched down in Sydney from Melbourne- only slightly longer than by carrier pigeon!

1966 Leap through the arched window, grab Little Ted in a bear hug and blast off with the rocket clock - Play School debuted on the ABC.


  1. I recently heard some of the numbers of those who fought and were killed at Fromelle, and it was terrible, a massacre no less.

  2. "...the bones had already been identified as those of a cat ...and a small horse."

    Sweeny Smith, the demon farrier of Oz.

  3. 5,533 casualties, 1700+ dead, Andrew.
    A disgusting attempt at intimidating the enemy to stop fighting at The Somme.

    LOL Brian. Wonder what the findings will be on the LARGE bones FB is taking next week?!

  4. Yup, you just never hear of small pox these days [thank goodness]. Glad you took a break and a trip.

  5. Small pox is one of the bogey men we can tell our kids about when we're in our rocking chairs and grey haired ;)